2012-09-06 ago option for discarding build results, enabled in particular for Isabelle_makeall
2012-08-17 ago updated to new init_components, hoping that mira can digest that;
2012-08-12 ago restored ISABELLE_OUTPUT etc -- still relevant at least for itself
2012-08-12 ago fixed (cf. fd50596bf78b)
2012-08-12 ago reduced settings patching
2012-08-12 ago removed obsolete configuration AFP_images
2012-08-06 ago removed leftover from 89cc3dfb383b, hoping that mira digests it;
2012-08-06 ago discontinued presumably obsolete attempts at doc-src testing (cf. 3b02b0ef8d48, 89cc3dfb383b);
2012-08-05 ago fixed (cf. fe611991427a)
2012-08-05 ago corrected session name
2012-08-05 ago removed obsolete mira configurations -- covered by AFP_images
2012-08-05 ago modernized mira configurations, making use of isabelle build
2012-08-05 ago removed mira configurations related to old importer
2012-07-23 ago updated smlnj settings;
2012-07-05 ago more explicit directory structure Admin/Release/;
2012-07-03 ago prefer hook in Admin/ to initialize components
2012-07-03 ago corrected: avoid shadowing of variable
2012-06-27 ago corrected name of components file
2012-06-23 ago more standard filename for common components
2012-05-09 ago build Pure_64 with new settings
2012-05-09 ago tuned
2012-05-09 ago playing around with mira settings
2012-04-25 ago ISABELLE_JDK_HOME is already provided by isatest shell environment;
2012-04-01 ago adapted Mira configuration to dd04c8173bb2.
2012-03-29 ago educated guess to include jdk
2012-03-14 ago rudimentary documentation test
2012-03-14 ago rudimentary distribution build configuration
2012-01-12 ago more modest settings for lxbroy10 -- might actually perform better;
2011-10-18 ago mira: collect size of heap images
2011-10-16 ago mira configuration: use official polyml 5.4.1 on lxbroy10
2011-07-19 ago the HOL4PROOFS setting is actually HOL4_PROOFS
2011-07-19 ago forgotten qualifier
2011-07-18 ago added experimental mira configuration for HOL Light importer
2011-07-06 ago 64bit versions of some mira configurations
2011-07-06 ago removed unused mira configuration
2011-06-09 ago adding ISABELLE_GHC environment setting to mira configuration isabelle makeall all on lxbroy10
2011-06-03 ago changing the mira setting again for the mutabelle configuration
2011-06-03 ago adding more settings to mira's mutabelle configuration
2011-05-22 ago reverted 7fdd8d4908dc -- keeping images from Isabelle_makeall would be too expensive
2011-05-16 ago less fine-grained mira dependencies
2011-05-16 ago mira hack for special settings on lxbroy10
2011-05-16 ago no dependencies for Isabelle_makeall, which will be built in one go
2011-05-16 ago clarified handling of ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS in mira
2011-04-26 ago mutabelle reports: parse results out of log file
2011-04-18 ago scheduler for Mutabelle regression
2011-04-18 ago tool for importing nightly isatest logs
2011-04-01 ago fixed accidental redefinition
2011-04-01 ago scheduler for judgement day
2011-04-01 ago adapted parsing of session timing (cf. e86b10c68f0b)
2011-03-28 ago keep smlnj HOL images around
2011-03-27 ago added make target 'smlnj' to refer to what can/should be tested using smlnj -- allows the use of "isabelle makeall smlnj";
2011-03-26 ago SML_makeall: run with -j 3
2011-03-25 ago fixed incomplete rename (1cdf54e845fa)
2011-03-24 ago added configurations SML_HOL and SML_makeall (even though the latter is practically infeasible)
2011-03-24 ago mira interface to 'isabelle make' in addition to usedir and makeall;
2011-03-24 ago clarified
2011-03-24 ago parameterize configurations by custom settings
2011-03-24 ago enable Z3 in the test configuration
2011-03-24 ago added more judgement day provers
2011-03-21 ago moved some configurations to AFP, and fixed others