2016-04-10 ago more standard session build process, including browser_info;
2016-04-09 ago avoid interference with running PIDE protocol;
2016-04-09 ago prefer Synchronized.var;
2016-02-29 ago save heap more directly;
2016-02-29 ago clarified ML heap operations;
2015-10-10 ago more explicit HTML.symbols;
2015-04-15 ago tuned signature;
2015-01-26 ago prefer plain session_graph.pdf over GraphBrowser applet;
2015-01-25 ago discontinued obsolete option "document_graph";
2015-01-25 ago provide session_graph.pdf via Isabelle/Scala;
2015-01-15 ago more informative build_theories_result: cumulative Runtime.exn_message;
2015-01-10 ago tuned -- less redundant;
2015-01-10 ago proper with shutdown, which is relevant to avoid persistent threads;
2014-12-03 ago node-specific keywords, with session base syntax as default;
2014-11-07 ago plain value Keywords.keywords, which might be used outside theory for bootstrap purposes;
2014-07-24 ago further distinction of Isabelle distribution: alert for identified release candidates;
2014-04-11 ago explicit 'document_files' in session ROOT specifications;
2014-04-10 ago removed obsolete doc_dump option (see also 892061142ba6);
2014-03-31 ago support bulk messages consisting of small string segments, which are more healthy to the Poly/ML RTS and might prevent spurious GC crashes such as MTGCProcessMarkPointers::ScanAddressesInObject;
2014-03-18 ago clarified module arrangement;