1997-04-04 ago Added blast.ML as a dependency
1997-01-03 ago Implicit simpsets and clasets for FOL and ZF
1996-11-27 ago Makefile improvements by Thomas Santen and Stephan Herrmann
1996-10-21 ago ISABELLECOMP may now have a leading pathname
1996-10-15 ago Removed extraneous spaces from all Makefiles
1996-09-25 ago Calls discgarb -c to realize dramatic space savings!
1996-03-06 ago EX_FILES includes new oracle examples, and uses the
1996-02-10 ago make_html now only remains set if MAKE_HTML=true
1995-11-21 ago removed make_chart from ROOT.ML;
1995-11-21 ago replaced exit_use by exit_use_dir for subdirectories
1995-10-24 ago added calls of init_html and make_chart
1995-04-06 ago Added Id: line
1995-03-15 ago Now calls exit_use instead of use, for prompt failure if errors are detected.
1995-03-08 ago Added dependencies on files in Provers
1994-06-01 ago added test for $ISABELLEBIN=source directory, to
1994-04-22 ago renamed theory files
1993-11-09 ago Target "test" now depends on examples files
1993-11-09 ago renamed int-prover.ML to intprover.ML,
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision