1997-04-02 ago Now loads blast.ML
1997-01-03 ago Implicit simpsets and clasets for FOL and ZF
1996-11-27 ago Replaced obsolete "use" command
1996-02-28 ago changed prove_goal to qed_goal
1996-01-29 ago expanded tabs
1995-11-21 ago removed make_chart from ROOT.ML;
1995-10-24 ago added calls of init_html and make_chart
1995-10-04 ago removed command for loading Provers/simplifier.ML (now done in Pure/Thy/ROOT)
1995-04-06 ago Set up for new hyp_subst_tac.
1994-11-24 ago trivial changes
1994-10-31 ago FOL/ROOT/FOL_dup_cs: removed as obsolete
1994-05-19 ago thy reader now initialised by init_thy_reader();
1993-11-16 ago changed use_thy's parameter to exact theory name
1993-11-09 ago renamed int-prover.ML to intprover.ML,
1993-10-22 ago changes for new Readthy
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision