2007-10-04 ago moved Pure/Isar/induct_attrib.ML and Provers/induct_method.ML to Tools/induct.ML;
2007-09-15 ago added rudimentary instantiation stub
2007-09-14 ago moved ML_XXX.ML files to Pure/ML;
2007-08-24 ago overloaded definitions accompanied by explicit constants
2007-08-17 ago tuned order
2007-08-10 ago new structure for code generator modules
2007-07-22 ago load present.ML earlier: no longer depend on thy_info.ML;
2007-07-19 ago use thy_header.ML earlier;
2007-07-10 ago added Thy/thy_edit.ML;
2007-04-20 ago Isar definitions are now added explicitly to code theorem table
2007-02-10 ago added class package to Isar bootstrap
2007-01-19 ago renamed Isar/isar_output.ML to Thy/thy_output.ML;
2006-12-10 ago removed Isar/term_syntax.ML;
2006-12-07 ago added Isar/term_syntax.ML;
2006-11-14 ago incorporated IsarThy into IsarCmd;
2006-10-07 ago added Isar/theory_target.ML;
2006-08-03 ago added Isar/rule_insts.ML;
2006-04-25 ago tuned;
2006-04-09 ago moved theory presentation to Isar/ROOT.ML;
2006-03-11 ago use axclass.ML earlier (in Isar/ROOT.ML);
2006-02-10 ago added Isar/local_syntax.ML;
2006-01-28 ago added Isar/local_defs.ML;
2006-01-24 ago tuned;
2006-01-22 ago tuned order;
2006-01-10 ago tuned dependencies;
2006-01-07 ago added Isar/specification.ML;
2006-01-07 ago tuned order;
2005-11-09 ago added Isar/element.ML;
2005-11-08 ago renamed goals.ML to old_goals.ML;
2005-10-21 ago use obsolete goals.ML here;
2005-09-13 ago load locale.ML late (after proof.ML);
2005-08-18 ago load method.ML before proof.ML;
2005-08-16 ago added Isar/outer_keyword.ML;
2005-06-22 ago obsolete (see Pure/context.ML);
2005-05-22 ago added find_theorems.ML, ../simplifier.ML;
2005-05-03 ago final implementation of antiquotations styles
2005-04-23 ago removed isar.ML;
2005-04-15 ago Removed most of the atp interface from Pure.
2005-04-13 ago *** empty log message ***
2005-01-21 ago Jia Meng: delta simpsets and clasets
2005-01-11 ago Swapped session.ML and isar_output.ML
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-04-22 ago added Isar/constdefs.ML;
2002-07-16 ago tuned order of modules;
2002-02-25 ago clarify module dependencies;
2002-02-12 ago eliminated Pure/Isar/comment.ML;
2001-12-03 ago renamed rule_context.ML to context_rules.ML;
2001-11-29 ago tuned;
2001-11-26 ago added Pure/Isar/rule_context.ML;
2001-10-22 ago rearrange sources for locales;
2001-10-03 ago Isar/induct_attrib.ML;
2000-11-03 ago structure Obtain = Obtain;
2000-06-25 ago added Isar/antiquote.ML, Isar/isar_output.ML, Isar/thy_header.ML;
2000-05-05 ago GPLed;
2000-03-08 ago added rule_cases.ML;
2000-02-27 ago added Isar/net_rules.ML;
2000-01-05 ago ObtainFun;
1999-10-05 ago outer_lex.ML loaded in Thy;
1999-10-01 ago added Isar/obtain.ML;