1994-05-19 ago lookaheads are now computed faster (during the grammar is built)
1994-05-17 ago fixed a bug in syntax_error, added "Building new grammar" message;
1994-05-13 ago syntax_error now checks precedences when computing expected tokens
1994-05-09 ago syntax_error now removes duplicate tokens in its output and doesn't
1994-05-06 ago improved syntax error:
1994-04-26 ago made a few cosmetic changes
1994-04-22 ago changed the way a grammar is generated to allow the new parser to work;
1994-02-03 ago minor internal changes;
1994-01-19 ago MAJOR INTERNAL CHANGE: extend and merge operations of syntax tables
1993-10-08 ago *** empty log message ***
1993-10-04 ago lots of internal cleaning and tuning;