2009-03-04 ago Merge.
2009-03-04 ago Merge.
2009-02-26 ago uniform treatment of ML indexing, using general \indexdef macro for formal Isabelle/Isar entities;
2009-02-21 ago replaced \overline by \vec;
2009-02-17 ago some more Isar macros;
2009-02-16 ago removed rudiments of glossary;
2008-05-02 ago moved begin and imports to ../isar.sty;
2007-05-08 ago tuned;
2007-02-10 ago added antiquotation for exceptions
2006-09-15 ago tuned;
2006-09-11 ago tuned;
2006-09-07 ago tuned;
2006-09-05 ago added \isactrlvec;
2006-09-04 ago more on variables;
2006-08-31 ago misc cleanup;
2006-08-31 ago mldecls: footnotesize;
2006-07-06 ago tuned;
2006-01-03 ago more stuff;
2006-01-02 ago "The Isabelle/Isar Implementation" manual;