2010-01-04 ago discontinued special HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS;
2009-11-09 ago switched some isatest sessions to official Poly/ML 5.3.0;
2009-10-26 ago reactivated test on sunbroy2 -- with full proof parallelism (requires Poly/ML-SVN-921);
2009-10-15 ago sunbroy2: back to single-threaded mode for now -- deadlock in Poly/ML 5.3-SVN-900;
2009-10-14 ago settings for parallel experimental Poly/ML 5.3;
2009-05-31 ago uniform treatment of shellscript mode;
2009-02-27 ago even less default memory for sunbroy2;
2009-02-27 ago trying less default memory for sunbroy2 test
2008-12-05 ago run test for sunbroy2 on /tmp,
2008-03-24 ago replaced obsolete /usr/proj by /home;
2008-03-06 ago removed obsolete THIS_IS_ISABELLE_BUILD feature;
2007-12-09 ago ML_OPTIONS="-H 1500" -- potentially works around GC core dump;
2007-12-08 ago ML_OPTIONS="-H 1000" -- potentially works around GC core dump;
2007-11-26 ago use official polyml-5.1;
2007-07-17 ago use /usr/proj/polyml/polyml-5.1-test, which might be more stable;
2007-03-05 ago additional settings for isatest runs on various platforms