2014-04-30 ago tuned;
2014-04-29 ago more synchronized treatment of prover process, which might emit more messages before shutdown and requires manager to accept them;
2014-04-29 ago more systematic Isabelle output, like in classic Isabelle/ML (without markup);
2014-04-28 ago improved syslog performance -- avoid denial-of-service e.g. with threads_trace = 5 and active Syslog dockable;
2014-04-28 ago tuned comments;
2014-04-28 ago more systematic delay_first discipline for change_buffer and prune_history;
2014-04-26 ago tuned -- potentially more robust;
2014-04-25 ago manager is direct receiver of prover output -- discontinued old performance tuning (329320fc88df, 1baa5d19ac44);
2014-04-25 ago simplified change_buffer (again, see 937826d702d5): no thread, just timer, rely on asynchronous;
2014-04-25 ago clarified Session.Consumer, with Session.Outlet managed by dispatcher thread;
2014-04-25 ago more robust prover termination;
2014-04-25 ago more explicit checks;
2014-04-24 ago tuned signature;
2014-04-24 ago more uniform warning/error handling, potentially with propagation to send_wait caller;
2014-04-24 ago more careful shutdown (amending f2f53f7046f4);
2014-04-24 ago converted main session manager to Consumer_Thread: messages need to be consumed immediately, postponed_changes replaces implicit actor mailbox scanning;
2014-04-24 ago simplified commands_changed_buffer (in contrast to a8331fb5c959): rely on better performance of Consumer_Thread/Mailbox and more direct Timer (like session_actor.receiver);
2014-04-24 ago simplified -- prefer Consumer_Thread over Actor;
2014-04-24 ago tuned signature, in accordance to ML version;
2014-04-24 ago eliminated redundant Volatile;
2014-04-24 ago tuned signature in accordance to ML version;
2014-04-23 ago explicit Exn.error_message in accordance to Output.error_message in ML;
2014-04-04 ago more permissive Session.update_options: this is wired to jEdit PropertiesChanged, which may occur before the prover is started;
2014-04-03 ago clarified Version.syntax -- avoid guessing initial situation;
2014-04-03 ago more abstract Prover.Syntax, as proposed by Carst Tankink;
2014-04-03 ago more general prover operations;
2014-04-03 ago more general prover operations;
2014-03-31 ago store blob content within document node: aux. files that were once open are made persistent;
2014-03-29 ago propagate deps_changed, to resolve missing files without requiring jEdit events (e.g. buffer load/save);
2014-03-29 ago tuned signature;
2014-03-18 ago clarified module arrangement;