1997-12-24 ago New Auto_tac (by Oheimb), and new syntax (without parens), and expandshort
1997-12-23 ago Decremented subscript because of change to iffD1
1997-12-16 ago expandshort;
1997-11-03 ago isatool fixclasimp;
1997-09-09 ago adm_tac extended
1997-09-03 ago some minor changes;
1997-07-17 ago changes needed for adding fairness
1997-06-23 ago Ran expandshort
1997-06-12 ago added deadlock freedom, polished definitions and proofs
1997-05-21 ago changes for release 94-8
1997-04-30 ago New meta theory for IOA based on HOLCF.