21 months ago ago clarified menu actions;
22 months ago ago spelling;
2018-01-29 ago more uniform documentation;
2018-01-10 ago ran isabelle update_op on all sources
2018-01-09 ago more accurate spell-checking for nested quotations / antiquotations, notably in formal comments;
2017-12-30 ago more robust treatment of conflicts with existing Unicode text;
2017-12-22 ago action "isabelle.draft" for plain-text preview;
2017-12-21 ago isabelle.preview presents auxiliary text files as well;
2017-11-27 ago updated documentation: JVM is always 64bit;
2017-11-02 ago support alternative ancestor session;
2017-11-02 ago support focus_session, for much faster startup of Isabelle/jEdit;
2017-11-01 ago clarified terminology;
2017-11-01 ago added isabelle jedit options -B, -P, clarified -R;
2017-09-21 ago misc tuning and updates for release;
2017-09-21 ago more on indentation;
2017-08-31 ago reverted 6acb28e5ba41: permissiveness of 1e5ae735e026 should be sufficient;
2017-08-20 ago officially allow restart of Isabelle plugin;
2017-06-21 ago clarified modules;
2017-04-24 ago clarified meaning of "isabelle jedit -R": avoid potential problems with all_known = true;
2017-04-21 ago afford unconditional all_known = true (reverting ea42dfd95ec8), for practical usability of qualified imports from arbitrary sessions;
2017-04-19 ago optionally explore all sessions -- potentially slow, e.g. for AFP;
2017-01-08 ago more documentation;
2016-12-18 ago added isabelle jedit -R;
2016-12-06 ago notes on whitespace;
2016-11-20 ago more on "Indentation";
2016-11-20 ago more on "Formal scopes and semantic selection";
2016-11-20 ago misc tuning and updates;
2016-11-20 ago more on JVM heap space;
2016-10-02 ago just one option is enough -- "isabelle jedit" java process may be prefixed directly in the shell;
2016-09-14 ago discontinued global etc/abbrevs;
2016-09-01 ago clarified important directories;
2016-08-12 ago more symbols;
2016-08-11 ago clarified antiquotations;
2016-04-13 ago eliminated "xname" and variants;
2016-04-08 ago backout 930a30c1a9af: leads to odd effect of command-line options becoming persistent preferences;
2016-04-08 ago option "-o" for "isabelle jedit";
2016-02-05 ago more on Mac OS X with Retina display;
2016-01-31 ago more on "ML debugging within the Prover IDE";
2016-01-29 ago misc tuning and updates;
2016-01-29 ago misc tuning and updates;
2016-01-29 ago misc tuning;
2016-01-20 ago clarified -- this is available on Mac OS X, too;
2016-01-15 ago misc updates and tuning;
2016-01-15 ago misc updates and tuning;
2016-01-15 ago misc updates and tuning;
2016-01-12 ago updated old screenshots, added new screenshots;
2016-01-02 ago clarified isabelle jedit command-line;
2016-01-02 ago provide server name uniformly on all platforms;
2015-12-31 ago documentation for "isabelle jedit_client";
2015-12-29 ago support additional abbrevs;
2015-11-13 ago more uniform jEdit properties;
2015-11-04 ago tuned whitespace;
2015-11-04 ago updated;
2015-11-04 ago more antiquotations;
2015-10-31 ago back to traditional Metal as default, and thus evade current problems with Nimbus scrollbar slider;
2015-10-27 ago workaround for problem with C-1, C-2, C-3 seen on Slovak QWERTY keyboard;
2015-10-24 ago more uniform command-line for "isabelle jedit" and the isabelle.Main app wrapper;
2015-10-22 ago tuned;
2015-10-22 ago tuned;
2015-10-22 ago more control symbols;