22 months ago ago clarified menu actions;
2017-08-20 ago updated for release;
2017-08-20 ago more robust plugin restart;
2017-08-20 ago separate base plugin for important services that should be always available, despite startup errors of the main plugin;
2017-03-19 ago updated to jedit-5.4.0;
2016-10-24 ago updated for release;
2016-08-05 ago clarified Sidekick setup;
2016-08-05 ago Sidekick parser for isabelle-ml and sml mode;
2016-03-30 ago updated dependencies;
2016-03-18 ago no dependency on HighlightPlugin, despite e7b2cfcef94c;
2015-12-31 ago updated for release;
2015-11-24 ago paint gutter text on base line of main text area, to accomodate extra line spacing without special tricks (see also jEdit bug #3717 and its fix in SVN 23977, which does not quite work: odd jumping positions on vertical cursor movement);
2015-10-23 ago updated to jedit-5.3.0 and SideKick 1.8;
2015-09-21 ago separate panel for proof state output;
2015-07-17 ago skeleton for interactive debugger;
2015-05-21 ago updated versions;
2014-11-04 ago approximative update of versions;
2014-10-18 ago tuned signature;
2014-10-05 ago more advanced NEWS tree structure and folding;
2014-10-03 ago SideKick parser for bibtex entries;
2014-05-21 ago approximative update of versions;
2014-05-06 ago renamed "Find" to "Query", with more general operations;
2014-04-10 ago more contributors;
2014-02-18 ago more uniform treatment of dockables and their standard actions;
2014-02-18 ago standardized action and panel names;
2014-02-04 ago interactive simplifier trace: new panel in Isabelle/jEdit to inspect and modify simplification state
2013-09-21 ago removed obsolete README;
2013-08-08 ago dockable window for Sledgehammer, based on asynchronous/parallel query operation;
2013-08-02 ago dockable window for "find" dialog (GUI only);
2013-07-06 ago minimal jedit mode for Isabelle NEWS;
2013-06-25 ago dockable window for Isabelle documentation;
2013-03-26 ago dockable window for timing information;
2013-01-04 ago updated to jedit_build-20130104;
2012-12-10 ago recovered title property from bfb5964e3041;
2012-12-10 ago stateless dockable window for graphview, which is triggered by the active area of the corresponding diagnostic command;
2012-12-08 ago basic monitor panel, using the powerful jfreechart library;
2012-12-01 ago moved isabelle shortcuts to main jEdit.props, in order to have them migrated to the "imported" keymap;
2012-12-01 ago updated to jedit-5.0.0;
2012-11-30 ago tuned labels;
2012-11-30 ago renamed dockable "Prover Session" to "Theories";
2012-11-30 ago alternative shortcut for English keyboard;
2012-11-25 ago tuned signature;
2012-11-25 ago added convenience actions isabelle.increase-font-size and isabelle.decrease-font-size;
2012-11-24 ago improved editing support for control styles;
2012-11-21 ago dockable with buttons for symbols, grouped and sorted in tabs according to ~~/etc/symbols;
2012-10-07 ago detach tooltip as dockable window;
2012-09-27 ago removed obsolete Output1 dockable;
2012-09-26 ago more uniform graphview terminology;
2012-09-25 ago basic integration of graphview into document model;
2012-09-21 ago renamed Output to Output1 and Output2 to Output, and thus make the new version the default;
2012-09-16 ago alternative output panel, based on Pretty_Text_Area, based on JEditEmbeddedTextArea;
2012-09-14 ago more scalable option-group;
2012-09-10 ago manage Isabelle/jEdit options as Isabelle/Scala options (with persistent preferences);
2012-08-24 ago support for direct hyperlinks, without the Hyperlinks plugin;
2012-08-07 ago more structural parsing for minor modes;
2012-08-07 ago clarified Sidekick configuration, including minor modes;
2012-05-29 ago separate syslog dockable -- discontinued tendency of sub-window management via tabs;
2012-05-29 ago clarified prover startup: no timeout, read stderr more carefully;
2012-05-29 ago separate README dockable, which allows to make it more prominent first and remove it later;
2011-11-10 ago more generous margin;