6 months ago ago clarified message;
6 months ago ago support hyperlink to theory exports;
7 months ago ago clarified signature;
8 months ago ago more comment markup;
10 months ago ago more explicit status for "canceled" command within theory node;
10 months ago ago simplified markup;
11 months ago ago clarified modules;
16 months ago ago more robust timing info: do not rely on order of markup;
16 months ago ago more compact markup tree: output messages are already stored in command results (e.g. relevant for XML data representation);
18 months ago ago more accurate spell-checking for nested quotations / antiquotations, notably in formal comments;
18 months ago ago HTML output for Markdown elements;
18 months ago ago PIDE markup for Markdown items (which may consist of multiple paragraphs or lists);
18 months ago ago clarified terminology of "markdown_bullet";
19 months ago ago added action to make antiquoted cartouche;
20 months ago ago tuned signature;
21 months ago ago tuned;
2017-06-21 ago clarified modules;
2017-06-19 ago tuned signature;
2017-06-19 ago clarified signature;
2017-06-12 ago tuned;
2017-06-09 ago tuned;
2017-06-09 ago more uniform syntax_completion + semantic_completion;
2017-06-09 ago clarified modules;
2017-05-23 ago support text overview colors via decorations;
2017-05-23 ago clarified modules;
2017-04-29 ago tuned;
2017-04-17 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-17 ago tuned signature;
2017-03-14 ago more robust debugger initialization, e.g. required for GUI components before actual session startup;
2017-03-13 ago proper local debugger state, depending on session;
2017-03-11 ago tuned;
2017-03-10 ago suppress irrelevant markup for VSCode;
2017-03-08 ago clarified rendering;
2017-03-08 ago tuned;
2017-03-07 ago tuned;
2017-03-07 ago more generic colors;
2017-03-07 ago tuned;
2017-03-07 ago clarified modules: spell-checker in Pure;
2017-03-06 ago more robust;
2017-03-06 ago more general tooltips, with uniform info range handling;
2017-03-06 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-03-06 ago more generic colors;
2017-03-05 ago more generic rendering;
2017-03-04 ago clarified pretty margin;
2017-03-04 ago decorations for background and foreground colors;
2017-03-04 ago symbolic Rendering.Color;
2017-01-11 ago support for semantic completion;
2017-01-03 ago support VSCode DocumentHighlights;
2017-01-02 ago clarified multiple tooltips;
2016-12-27 ago clarified modules;
2016-12-23 ago omit unused markup;
2016-12-21 ago clarified signature;
2016-12-21 ago basic support for hyperlinks / Goto Definition Request;
2016-12-20 ago more uniform rendering for Isabelle/jEdit and Isabelle/VSCode;