2014-05-02 ago prefer scala.Console with its support for thread-local redirection;
2014-04-29 ago clarified;
2014-04-22 ago tuned;
2014-04-05 ago tuned error;
2014-04-05 ago proper settings instead of hard-wired information;
2014-04-05 ago explicit indication of important doc sections ("!"), which are expanded in the tree view;
2014-04-05 ago clarified Doc entry: more explicit path;
2014-03-25 ago some SML examples;
2013-12-07 ago more direct Isabelle_System.pdf_viewer;
2013-09-26 ago added Isabelle/ML example;
2013-09-21 ago immediate access to some elementary examples;
2013-07-27 ago documentation is always in PDF;
2013-07-06 ago more release notes according to availability in proper release vs. repository clone;
2013-07-06 ago quick access to release notes (imitating website/documentation.html);
2013-06-25 ago clarified ISABELLE_DOC_FORMAT -- eliminated slightly odd fall-back;
2013-06-25 ago slightly improved "isabelle doc" based on Isabelle/Scala;