2014-07-21 ago refer to Simplifier Trace panel on first invocation;
2014-07-21 ago regular message to refer to Simplifier Trace panel (unused);
2014-07-21 ago misc tuning and simplification;
2014-07-21 ago clarified "simp_trace_new" and corresponding isar-ref section;
2014-05-21 ago consolidate "break_thm" and "break_term" attributes into "simp_break";
2014-03-31 ago support bulk messages consisting of small string segments, which are more healthy to the Poly/ML RTS and might prevent spurious GC crashes such as MTGCProcessMarkPointers::ScanAddressesInObject;
2014-03-06 ago tuned
2014-02-19 ago removed dead code;
2014-02-18 ago proper term equality;
2014-02-18 ago more standard names for protocol and markup elements;
2014-02-18 ago tuned whitespace;
2014-02-11 ago "no_memory" option for the simplifier trace to bypass memoization
2014-02-05 ago made SML/NJ happy
2014-02-04 ago interactive simplifier trace: new panel in Isabelle/jEdit to inspect and modify simplification state
2013-12-12 ago clarified Trace_Ops: global theory data avoids init of simpset in Pure.thy, which is important to act as neutral element in merge;
2013-12-12 ago skeleton for Simplifier trace by Lars Hupel;