2007-01-21 ago use_text: added name argument;
2006-12-11 ago added use_file;
2006-11-10 ago tuned names of start_timing,/end_timing/check_timer;
2006-01-26 ago interrupt_timeout now raises Interrupt instead of SML90.Interrupt
2006-01-23 ago TimeLimit replaced by interrupt_timeout
2005-12-12 ago added dummy 'print' to non-polyml systems
2005-10-11 ago added string_of_pid;
2005-10-05 ago more signals
2005-09-20 ago use "ML-Systems/smlnj-basis-compat.ML" *after* Interrupt;
2005-09-20 ago tuned;
2005-07-04 ago dummy exception_trace;
2005-07-01 ago added profiler interface (dummy);
2005-06-22 ago tuned pointer_eq;
2005-06-22 ago pointer equality for sml/nj
2005-06-20 ago added pointer_eq;
2005-06-05 ago removed file_info (now in Pure/General/file.ML);
2005-04-13 ago new signalling primmitives for sml/nj compatibility
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-04-22 ago changed SML/NJ v 45 to 44
2004-04-05 ago Whoops. Those default cases can be tricky.
2004-04-05 ago Added support for the newer versions of SML/NJ, which break several of the
2002-02-28 ago renamed mask_interrupt to ignore_interrupt;
2002-02-11 ago ML-Systems/smlnj-compiler.ML compatibility tweak;
2001-12-21 ago Redundant patterns no longer cause errors.
2001-11-08 ago removed needs_filtered_use;
2001-01-16 ago use_text etc.: proper output of error messages;
2000-12-22 ago better definitions of SML90 features
1999-10-20 ago use_text: remove last char from output;
1999-10-13 ago system;
1999-02-04 ago fixed file_info;
1998-11-09 ago smart interrupt handler;
1998-10-21 ago dropped support for SML/NJ 109.x;
1998-06-29 ago use_text: verbose flag;
1998-06-15 ago use_text replaces use_strings;
1998-05-28 ago added ml_prompts;
1997-12-17 ago tuned comment;
1997-12-13 ago tuned comment;
1997-12-12 ago Compatibility file for Standard ML of New Jersey.