2013-09-28 ago misc tuning for release;
2013-09-28 ago uniform $ISABELLE_HOME on all platforms;
2013-09-25 ago updated documentation concerning MacOSX plugin 1.3;
2013-09-24 ago NEWS;
2013-09-23 ago document "spy"
2013-09-23 ago document "spy" option
2013-09-20 ago updated NEWS
2013-09-19 ago updated NEWS
2013-09-19 ago updated NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-09-18 ago improved printing of exception trace in Poly/ML 5.5.1;
2013-09-17 ago order_bot, order_top
2013-09-17 ago NEWS: Simps_Case_Conv
2013-09-16 ago more NEWS;
2013-09-13 ago merged
2013-09-10 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-09-11 ago more correct NEWS
2013-09-11 ago tuned;
2013-09-04 ago remove Swing input map, which might bind keys in unexpected ways (e.g. LEFT/RIGHT in singleton list);
2013-09-02 ago NEWS
2013-08-31 ago more accurate description: Swing/L&F has additional handlers;
2013-08-30 ago merged
2013-08-30 ago NEWS;
2013-08-30 ago renamed command to clarify connection with BNF
2013-08-30 ago updated news/contributors with BNF stuff
2013-08-29 ago added action isabelle.complete, using standard jEdit keyboard shortcut;
2013-08-29 ago some completion options;
2013-08-29 ago GTK+ works better due to avoidance of default list view popups;
2013-08-28 ago complete symbols only in backslash forms -- less intrusive editing, greater chance of finding escape sequence in text;
2013-08-23 ago clarified position of Spec_Check for Isabelle/ML -- it is unrelated to Isabelle/HOL;
2013-08-23 ago obsolete (see 52790e3961fe);
2013-08-23 ago added action isabelle.reset-font-size;
2013-08-23 ago tuned -- some reformatting;
2013-08-20 ago renamed theory Mrec to Legacy_Mrec, no longer included by default
2013-08-17 ago NEWS;
2013-08-13 ago discontinued special treatment of \<^isub> and \<^isup> in rendering or editor front-end;
2013-08-13 ago disable old identifier syntax by default, legacy_isub_isup := true may be used temporarily as fall-back;
2013-08-09 ago NEWS;
2013-08-07 ago more NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS;
2013-07-31 ago NEWS;
2013-07-31 ago simplified flag for continuous checking: avoid GUI complexity and slow checking of all theories (including prints);
2013-07-30 ago type theory is purely value-oriented;
2013-07-29 ago NEWS;
2013-07-27 ago discontinued historic document formats;
2013-07-27 ago avoid predefined symbols -- allow editing with Isabelle/jEdit in isabelle-news mode;
2013-07-27 ago discontinued ISABELLE_DOC_FORMAT;
2013-07-13 ago merged
2013-07-13 ago NEWS;
2013-07-13 ago attribute "code" declares concrete and abstract code equations uniformly; added explicit "code equation" instead
2013-07-07 ago discontinued obsolete "isabelle print";
2013-07-07 ago discontinued command 'print_drafts';
2013-07-06 ago minimal jedit mode for Isabelle NEWS;
2013-06-30 ago discontinued system option "proofs" -- global state of Proofterm.proofs is persistently compiled into HOL-Proofs image;
2013-06-30 ago backout dedd7952a62c: static "proofs" value within theory prevents later inferencing with different configuration;
2013-06-27 ago manage option "proofs" within theory context -- with minor overhead for primitive inferences;
2013-06-27 ago updated documentation;
2013-06-25 ago dockable window for Isabelle documentation;
2013-06-24 ago improved "isabelle keywords" and "isabelle update_keywords" based on Isabelle/Scala, without requiring to build sessions first;
2013-06-23 ago migration from code_(const|type|class|instance) to code_printing and from code_module to code_identifier
2013-06-23 ago proper diagnostic command 'print_state';
2013-06-18 ago eliminated old "ref" manual;