22 months ago ago treat sessions as entities with defining position;
22 months ago ago formal treatment of documentation names;
23 months ago ago formal check of @{cite} bibtex entries -- only in batch-mode session builds;
23 months ago ago implicit thy_load context for bibtex files;
23 months ago ago avoid clash with special files in HTML output;
23 months ago ago tuned signature;
23 months ago ago added document antiquotation @{session name};
23 months ago ago disallow theory name "ROOT";
23 months ago ago PIDE markup for session ROOT files;
23 months ago ago tuned;
24 months ago ago retain files in Pure.thy, notably $POLYML_EXE;
2017-11-12 ago tuned signature;
2017-11-12 ago tuned;
2017-11-12 ago tuned signature;
2017-11-07 ago clarified signature (again);
2017-11-07 ago clarified exclusion: operate on completed selection, as last step;
2017-11-07 ago tuned;
2017-11-07 ago tuned signature;
2017-11-07 ago clarifified selection: always wrt. build_graph structure;
2017-11-07 ago tuned;
2017-11-07 ago tuned signature;
2017-11-07 ago backed out odd "bug fix" 671decd2e627;
2017-11-05 ago uniform graph restriction: build_graph is more sparse than imports_graph and may yield different results for exclude_session_groups / exclude_sessions (e.g. "isabelle build -a -X main");
2017-11-04 ago clarified lazy Completion within Outer_Syntax: measurable speedup of Sessions.deps;
2017-11-02 ago proper deps;
2017-11-02 ago allow unrelated ancestor;
2017-11-02 ago support alternative ancestor session;
2017-11-02 ago support focus_session, for much faster startup of Isabelle/jEdit;
2017-11-01 ago init only once (see also c0f776b661fa);
2017-11-01 ago clarified terminology;
2017-11-01 ago tuned signature;
2017-11-01 ago do not store bulky Session.Deps;
2017-11-01 ago avoid duplicate invocation of expensive Sessions.deps on full_sessions;
2017-11-01 ago clarified ROOT syntax: 'sessions' and 'theories' are optional, but need to be non-empty;
2017-10-31 ago removed unused option, which is potentially expensive;
2017-10-31 ago allow to augment session context via explicit session infos;
2017-10-31 ago synthesize session with all required theories from other session imports;
2017-10-31 ago clarified signature;
2017-10-31 ago clarified signature;
2017-10-31 ago clarified signature;
2017-10-31 ago clarified signature;
2017-10-31 ago clarified signature: global_theories is always required;
2017-10-31 ago tuned signature;
2017-10-31 ago clarified modules;
2017-10-31 ago more permissive: db could be empty after hard crash;
2017-10-25 ago uniform system name;
2017-10-16 ago provide theory timing information, similar to command timing but always considered relevant;
2017-10-13 ago tuned signature;
2017-10-12 ago clarified signature;
2017-10-11 ago clarified meta_digest;
2017-10-10 ago tuned signature;
2017-10-10 ago tuned signature;
2017-10-09 ago operations for graph display;
2017-10-09 ago tuned signature;
2017-10-09 ago tuned;
2017-10-09 ago clarified signature: public access to ROOT file syntax;
2017-10-07 ago theory qualifier is always session name (see also 31e8a86971a8);
2017-10-06 ago clarified node_syntax (amending ae38b8c0fdd9): default to overall_syntax, e.g. relevant for command spans wrt. bad header;
2017-10-04 ago process ROOT files only once, which allows duplicate (or overlapping) session root directories;
2017-10-02 ago discontinued obsolete 'files' in session ROOT;