1999-07-02 ago skip_proof feature 'sorry' (for quick_and_dirty mode only);
1999-06-05 ago removed ObjectLogic.setup;
1999-06-04 ago added Isar/calculation.ML;
1999-05-21 ago Isamode.setup, ProofGeneral.setup;
1999-05-17 ago Added setup for BrowserInfo.
1999-03-17 ago AxClass.setup;
1999-03-09 ago HTML.setup;
1999-02-03 ago proper setup of preloaded theories (ThyInfo.register_theory);
1998-11-17 ago Theory.apply replaced by Library.apply;
1998-11-14 ago Theory.copy;
1998-11-09 ago Isar setups;
1998-08-04 ago Locale.setup;
1998-07-29 ago late setup of Pure and CPure;
1998-06-29 ago moved actual (C)Pure theories to pure.ML;