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17 months ago ago misc tuning and updates for release;
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17 months ago ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
17 months ago ago Incorporating new/strengthened proofs from Library and AFP entries
17 months ago ago example for Types_To_Sets: transfer from type-based linear algebra to subspaces
18 months ago ago corrections to markup
18 months ago ago updated for release;
19 months ago ago Moved Landau_Symbols from the AFP to HOL-Library
19 months ago ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS for 8b50f29a1992
19 months ago ago merged; resolved conflicts manually (esp. lemmas that have been moved from Linear_Algebra and Cartesian_Euclidean_Space)
19 months ago ago added Johannes' generalizations Modules.thy and Vector_Spaces.thy; adapted HOL and HOL-Analysis accordingly
19 months ago ago proper datatype for 8-bit characters
19 months ago ago corrected nonsense
21 months ago ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
21 months ago ago Removed stray 'sledgehammer' invocation
23 months ago ago added lemma
23 months ago ago spelling
24 months ago ago a conditional paramitrecity prover
2017-10-22 ago derived axiom iffI as a lemma (thanks to Alexander Maletzky)
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2017-09-08 ago Lawrence Paulson's contributions
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2017-08-30 ago add type of unordered pairs
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2017-08-21 ago HOL-Analysis: Convergent FPS and infinite sums
2017-08-21 ago misc updates for release;
2017-03-20 ago Corrected affiliation.
2017-03-02 ago Knaster-Tarski fixed point theorem and Galois Connections.
2017-02-22 ago more precise NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2017-02-22 ago basic documentation for computations
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2016-12-12 ago proper session HOL-Types_To_Sets;
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2016-10-24 ago added Nunchaku integration
2016-10-24 ago Updated NEWS/CONTRIBUTORS w.r.t. Old_Number_Theory
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2016-10-03 ago CONTRIBUTORS
2016-09-29 ago CONTRIBUTORS: new proof method "argo"
2016-07-27 ago NEWS: Primes
2016-07-07 ago got rid of class cmp; added height-size proofs by Daniel Stuewe
2016-06-08 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS for SPMF
2016-03-28 ago tuning
2016-03-22 ago document addition of 'corec'
2016-03-18 ago move Complete_Partial_Orders2 from AFP/Coinductive to HOL/Library
2016-03-03 ago constructive formulation of factorization
2016-02-17 ago prefer abbreviations for compound operators INFIMUM and SUPREMUM
2016-02-12 ago merged
2016-01-24 ago more CONTRIBUTORS;
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