2011-10-17 ago always use sockets on Windows/Cygwin;
2011-09-23 ago prefer socket comminication on Cygwin, which is more stable here than fifos;
2011-09-23 ago explicit option for socket vs. fifo communication;
2011-09-10 ago tuned usage;
2011-08-30 ago separate module for jEdit primitives for loading theory files;
2011-08-28 ago more portable cp options, e.g. for non-GNU version on Mac OS X Leopard;
2011-08-26 ago back to tradition Scratch.thy default -- execution wrt. perspective overcomes the main problems of 226563829580;
2011-07-07 ago simplified Symbol based on lazy Symbol.Interpretation -- reduced odd "functorial style";
2011-06-23 ago simplified arrangement of jars;
2011-06-23 ago provide Isabelle/Scala environment as Java extension, instead of user classpath
2011-06-19 ago tuned;
2011-06-16 ago static token markup, based on outer syntax only;
2011-06-16 ago explicit dependency on Pure.jar;
2011-06-15 ago tuned messages;
2011-06-15 ago tuned;
2011-06-14 ago include scala mode;
2011-06-14 ago more explicit check of dependencies;
2011-06-14 ago separate module for text area painting;
2011-06-12 ago separate isabelle.jedit.Text_Painter, which actually replaces the original TextAreaPainter$PaintText instance;
2011-06-12 ago check source dependencies only if jedit_build component is available;
2011-06-09 ago tuned;
2011-06-08 ago simplified directory structure;
2011-06-08 ago simplified directory structure;
2011-06-08 ago further jedit build option;
2011-06-08 ago build jedit as part of regular startup script (in that case depending on jedit_build component);