2007-03-09 ago stepping towards uniform lattice theory development in HOL
2006-11-12 ago started reorgnization of lattice theories
2006-09-20 ago renamed axclass_xxxx axclasses;
2005-10-19 ago isatool fixheaders;
2005-07-07 ago linear arithmetic now takes "&" in assumptions apart.
2005-02-01 ago the new subst tactic, by Lucas Dixon
2004-09-03 ago Matrix theory, linear programming
2004-06-14 ago Further development of matrix theory
2004-05-11 ago changes made due to new Ring_and_Field theory
2004-05-10 ago preparation for integration with new Ring_and_Field.thy
2004-05-01 ago tuned instance statements;
2004-04-23 ago proper document setup;
2004-04-16 ago first version of matrices for HOL/Isabelle