2013-07-27 ago discontinued historic document formats;
2013-04-29 ago avoid empty isabelletags.sty for the sake of arXiv;
2013-02-07 ago proper root for document variants (cf. be8002ee43d8);
2012-08-03 ago simplified custom document/build script, instead of old-style document/IsaMakefile;
2012-08-01 ago more precise guide for bibtex/makeindex -- dummy files should be sufficient;
2012-07-31 ago document variant NAME may use different LaTeX entry point document/root_NAME.tex if that file exists;
2009-08-22 ago function splitarray: splightly more abstract version that accomodates older bashes;
2009-08-04 ago change IFS only locally -- thanks to bash arrays;
2008-12-20 ago removed Ids;
2008-10-21 ago tuned usage line;
2008-10-04 ago replaced ISATOOL by ISABELLE_TOOL;
2008-05-24 ago fixed improper handling of return code (pdf and ps.gz formats)
2008-05-15 ago removed obsolete thumbpdf;
2005-08-16 ago added option -n NAME and -t TAGS;
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-06-13 ago tuned;
2004-01-28 ago remove more files (index, log files) for -c option
2004-01-08 ago run makeindex if necessary
2002-01-09 ago isatool latex -o sty;
2001-10-26 ago need at least 3 latex runs to get toc right!
2001-10-20 ago removed -v option (handled by isabelle process);
2001-09-27 ago -v option;
2000-11-30 ago /usr/bin/env bash;
2000-11-22 ago tuned;
2000-09-01 ago GPLed;
2000-04-01 ago tuned -c option;
2000-02-21 ago remove *.out;
2000-02-09 ago option -c;
2000-02-08 ago added -c option (beware!);
2000-02-08 ago rename -p to -P;
2000-01-30 ago rm -f *.aux;
1999-10-14 ago pdf: generate thumbnails if ISABELLE_THUMBPDF set;
1999-10-13 ago tuned usage;
1999-10-09 ago check format;
1999-10-08 ago prepare theory session document;