2005-12-01 ago typo
2005-11-25 ago send more information with test-takes-too-long message
2005-10-14 ago longer time out for test (kleing)
2005-06-24 ago shortened time out by 3h (gives up at 12:00h now).
2005-06-21 ago fix 'give up waiting message' (logs of running processes are not attached)
2005-06-11 ago fixed spelling;
2005-06-02 ago reduced timeout, send logs also when test taking too long
2005-05-27 ago put global isatest settings in one file, sourced by the other scripts
2005-05-08 ago MAILTO:
2005-04-30 ago export DISTPREFIX to devel page Makefile
2005-04-29 ago move isadist to ~/tmp/
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2003-08-27 ago Added skalberg to recepients, changed admin from kleing to berghofe.
2003-05-18 ago fix typo
2003-05-18 ago attach log files
2003-05-18 ago attach log files
2003-05-09 ago only make development snapshots for successful tests
2003-05-09 ago fixes
2003-05-09 ago var/run -> var/running
2003-05-09 ago typo
2003-05-09 ago check for error log, send mail if exists