2005-09-19 ago update usage message
2005-06-30 ago use only 1 CPU on MacOS 10.4.1
2005-06-25 ago use both processors on macbroy5
2005-05-27 ago log more failure types
2005-05-27 ago put global isatest settings in one file, sourced by the other scripts
2005-04-29 ago put 8h time limit on test
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-03-05 ago do not remove heaps, used for afp test
2003-12-06 ago revert to 1.18, changed Distribution/lib/Tools/makeall instead
2003-12-06 ago make Pure first to avoid race conditions on multi processor machines
2003-05-18 ago attach log files
2003-05-12 ago be nice on sunbroy2
2003-05-09 ago tuned
2003-05-09 ago tuned
2003-05-09 ago tuned
2003-05-09 ago leave error messages in error.log, send only one email for all platforms
2003-05-06 ago use /usr/stud/isatest as home for all platforms (macbroy33 has no /home/stud/..)
2003-04-25 ago no need to be nice everywhere
2003-04-06 ago use 2 processors on sunbroy1
2003-02-28 ago case distinction on host for makefile flags
2002-07-30 ago - changed date format for proper lexicographical ordering
2002-07-15 ago mail address update
2002-07-09 ago send email plaform independently
2002-06-24 ago email sending
2002-06-21 ago included masterlog file
2002-06-20 ago tuned
2002-06-20 ago tuned
2002-06-20 ago for nightly test builds