2012-11-25 ago Isabelle-specific implementation of quasi-abstract markup elements -- back to module arrangement before d83797ef0d2d;
2012-08-26 ago entity markup for theory Pure, to enable hyperlinks etc.;
2012-08-26 ago theory def/ref position reports, which enable hyperlinks etc.;
2012-08-01 ago more standard bootstrapping of Pure.thy;
2012-03-18 ago maintain generic context naming in structure Name_Space (NB: empty = default_naming, init = local_naming);
2012-03-16 ago eliminated odd 'finalconsts' / Theory.add_finals;
2011-11-25 ago prefer Parser.make_gram over Parser.merge_gram, to approximate n-ary merges on theory import;
2011-09-07 ago explicit join_syntax ensures command transaction integrity of 'theory';
2011-04-20 ago added Theory.nodes_of convenience;
2011-04-18 ago recovered Theory.check_def: full name needs to be determined from background thy, not auxiliary ctxt (broken in 774df7c59508, caused Nitpick.all_axioms_of to produce bad results);
2011-04-18 ago pass plain Proof.context for pretty printing;
2011-04-18 ago pass plain Proof.context for pretty printing;
2011-04-18 ago simplified pretty printing context, which is only required for certain kernel operations;
2011-04-17 ago added Binding.print convenience, which includes quote already;
2011-04-17 ago report Name_Space.declare/define, relatively to context;
2011-04-16 ago modernized structure Proof_Context;
2011-03-20 ago tuned;
2010-09-05 ago turned show_sorts/show_types into proper configuration options;
2010-09-05 ago pretty printing: prefer regular Proof.context over Pretty.pp, which is mostly for special bootstrap purposes involving theory merge, for example;
2010-05-03 ago renamed ProofContext.init to ProofContext.init_global to emphasize that this is not the real thing;
2010-03-27 ago disallow premises in primitive Theory.add_def -- handle in Thm.add_def;
2010-03-27 ago disallow sort constraints in primitive Theory.add_axiom/add_def -- handled in Thm.add_axiom/add_def;
2010-03-27 ago moved Drule.forall_intr_frees to Thm.forall_intr_frees (in more_thm.ML, which is loaded before pure_thy.ML);
2010-03-22 ago replaced Theory.add_axioms(_i) by more primitive Theory.add_axiom;
2010-03-20 ago renamed varify/unvarify operations to varify_global/unvarify_global to emphasize that these only work in a global situation;
2010-01-04 ago discontinued old TheoryDataFun, but retain Theory_Data_PP with is Pretty.pp argument to merge (still required in exotic situations -- hard to get rid of);
2010-01-04 ago dropped copy operation for legacy TheoryDataFun
2009-11-15 ago primitive defs: clarified def (axiom name) vs. description;
2009-10-25 ago eliminated obsolete tags for types/consts -- now handled via name space, in strongly typed fashion;
2009-10-25 ago begin_theory: set theory_name here;
2009-10-25 ago make SML/NJ happy;
2009-10-24 ago maintain explicit name space kind;
2009-10-24 ago renamed NameSpace to Name_Space -- also to emphasize its subtle change in semantics;
2009-10-24 ago eliminated separate stamp -- NameSpace.define/merge etc. ensure uniqueness already;
2009-10-17 ago indicate CRITICAL nature of various setmp combinators;
2009-09-30 ago removed redundant Sign.certify_prop, use Sign.cert_prop instead;
2009-03-12 ago renamed NameSpace.bind to NameSpace.define;
2009-03-07 ago Theory.add_axioms/add_defs: replaced old bstring by binding;
2009-03-03 ago Binding.str_of;
2009-01-21 ago removed Ids;
2009-01-21 ago binding is alias for Binding.T
2008-12-13 ago requires: check ancestors directly;
2008-12-05 ago removed Table.extend, NameSpace.extend_table
2008-12-04 ago cleaned up binding module and related code
2008-09-18 ago simplified oracle interface;
2008-09-03 ago simplified specify_const: canonical args, global deps;
2008-08-27 ago type Properties.T;
2008-05-18 ago moved global pretty/string_of functions from Sign to Syntax;
2008-04-15 ago removed obsolete SIGN_THEORY -- no name aliases in structure Theory;
2008-04-12 ago rep_cterm/rep_thm: no longer dereference theory_ref;
2007-10-16 ago apply_wrappers: perhaps_apply/loop;
2007-10-13 ago Theory.specify_const: added deps argument;
2007-10-11 ago dest/cert_def: replaced Pretty.pp by explicit Proof.context;
2007-10-11 ago added specify_const;
2007-09-29 ago Sign.the_const_constraint;
2007-09-25 ago Syntax.parse/check/read;
2007-09-20 ago tuned signature;
2007-09-18 ago introduced generic concepts for theory interpretators
2007-08-09 ago new access interface in defs.ML
2007-08-03 ago replaced Theory.self_ref by Theory.check_thy, which now produces a checked ref;