2007-08-27 ago HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS: no special -M setting (now works with multithreaded);
2007-08-10 ago HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS: default to -M 1 (more robust);
2007-08-10 ago added jEdit mode spec;
2007-07-23 ago increase default max heap size for poly to -H 500 (this is what isatest uses,
2007-07-17 ago added ISABELLE_FILE_IDENT (command line for source file identification);
2007-05-30 ago tuned USEDIR_OPTIONS;
2007-01-21 ago tuned comments
2006-12-13 ago tuned comments;
2006-12-05 ago setup for polyml-5.0;
2006-11-04 ago HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS: -p 1 by default;
2006-10-11 ago increased heap size for polyml-4.9.1;
2006-09-28 ago added Poly/ML 4.9.1 (experimental!);
2006-07-07 ago added support for MiniSat 1.14
2006-03-21 ago fixed example;
2006-02-10 ago simplified polyml example;
2005-10-21 ago added simplified settings for Poly/ML 4.x (commented out);
2005-10-21 ago reverted (accidental?) change of 1.148;
2005-10-21 ago Merged theory ResAtpOracle.thy into ResAtpMethods.thy
2005-10-19 ago moved VAMPIRE_HOME, E_HOME to section "External reasoning tools" -- commented out by default!
2005-10-19 ago Added files in order to use external ATPs as oracles and invoke these ATPs by calling Isabelle methods (currently "vampire" and "eprover").
2005-10-11 ago tuned;
2005-10-08 ago Poplog/PML: ML_SUFFIX=.psv;
2005-10-05 ago added Poplog/PML version 15.6/2.1 (experimental!);
2005-09-21 ago PROOFGENERAL_OPTIONS: smart fall-back on plain emacs (back again);
2005-09-20 ago pointers to src/HOL/Tools/sat_solver.ML added in comments
2005-09-14 ago no longer prefer xemacs, which fails more often than GNU emacs;
2005-08-18 ago tuned;
2005-08-16 ago -V outline=/proof,/ML;
2005-08-02 ago tuned ML_OPTIONS;
2005-08-02 ago tuned;
2005-08-01 ago polyml: use polyml-platform/version from Isabelle distribution;
2005-08-01 ago 1. changed configuration variables for linear programming (Cplex_tools):
2005-07-19 ago retract accidental user commit;
2005-07-19 ago proving bounds for real linear programs
2005-07-12 ago added lemmas to OrderedGroup.thy (reasoning about signs, absolute value, triangle inequalities)
2005-06-17 ago updated;
2005-06-05 ago #SMLNJ_CYGWIN_RUNTIME=1
2005-06-02 ago renamed HOL_PROOF_OBJECTS to HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS;
2005-05-17 ago removed ISAMODE settings;
2005-04-29 ago added antiquotations typeof, const, term_style, thm_style, term_type (something still to be done)
2005-04-29 ago added antiquotations typeof, const, term_style, thm_style, term_type (something still to be done)
2005-04-27 ago removed --version which is not a valid polyml flag and has no effect
2005-04-26 ago reverted accidental commit of user modification;
2005-04-20 ago Fix automatic determination of poly version.
2005-04-20 ago Removed remaining references to Main.thy in reconstruction code.
2005-04-14 ago Include automatic determination of poly version.
2005-04-13 ago *** empty log message ***
2005-03-04 ago Removed practically all references to Library.foldr.
2005-02-06 ago fixed mac line
2004-11-25 ago added ZCHAFF_VERSION
2004-11-14 ago *** empty log message ***
2004-11-14 ago DOCTYPE declaration added
2004-10-04 ago PDF_VIEWER suggestion
2004-09-30 ago display pdf as well as dvi
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-06-15 ago Jerusat settings added
2004-06-15 ago entries for ZChaff and BerkMin added/modified
2004-06-13 ago added PRINT_COMMAND setting