2004-07-11 ago wenzelm context dependent components;
2004-07-11 ago wenzelm added fold_rev: ('a -> 'b -> 'b) -> 'a list -> 'b -> 'b;
2004-07-11 ago wenzelm improved print_ss; tuned;
2004-07-11 ago wenzelm Simplifier and Classical Reasoner now support proof context dependent plug-ins;
2004-07-11 ago wenzelm local_cla/simpset_of;
2004-07-09 ago berghofe - Added support for conditional equations whose premises involve
2004-07-09 ago berghofe - Expressed infer_derivs' in terms of infer_deriv
2004-07-09 ago berghofe - Removed obsolete clause in function check_str
2004-07-09 ago paulson new profiling function
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm adapted type of simprocs;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm make SML/NJ happy;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm added add_term_varnames, term_varnames;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm got rid of obsolete meta_simpset; tuned;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm major cleanup; got rid of obsolete meta_simpset;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm tuned simprocs;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm got rid of obsolete meta_simpset;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm tuned;
2004-07-08 ago wenzelm removed obsolete dependency;
2004-07-06 ago schirmer * Pure/Namespace: flag unique_names added
2004-07-06 ago schirmer print_tac now outputs goals through trace-channel
2004-07-06 ago schirmer added flag unique_names
2004-07-06 ago schirmer * record_upd_simproc also simplifies trivial updates:
2004-07-03 ago berghofe Added delete operation.
2004-07-01 ago paulson new treatment of binary numerals
2004-06-30 ago schirmer Added reference record_definition_quick_and_dirty_sensitive, to
2004-06-30 ago skalberg Made simplification procedures simpset-aware.
2004-06-29 ago kleing license change to BSD
2004-06-29 ago obua support for sparse matrices
2004-06-28 ago paulson new method for explicit classical resolution
2004-06-25 ago paulson auto update
2004-06-25 ago skalberg Merging the meta-simplifier with the Provers-simplifier. Next step:
2004-06-24 ago paulson Norbert Voelker
2004-06-24 ago paulson ringpower to recpower
2004-06-24 ago paulson replaced monomorphic abs definitions by abs_if
2004-06-24 ago paulson tidied
2004-06-23 ago skalberg Moved conversion rules from MetaSimplifier to Drule. refl_implies removed
2004-06-23 ago wenzelm tuned;
2004-06-22 ago webertj faster conversion into DIMACS CNF and DIMACS SAT format
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm tuned;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm tuned;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm improved print_theory;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm added output, removed pp_undef;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm added chars_only, symbol_output;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm tuned certify_typ/term;
2004-06-22 ago wenzelm tuned output;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm added unparse;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm pretty_abbr;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm tuned certify_typ;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm Type.cert_typ;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm tuned certify_term;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm added certify_class/sort;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm added >>> : transition list -> unit;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm immediate_output;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm avoid \...\;
2004-06-21 ago wenzelm File.quote_sysify_path;
2004-06-21 ago kleing Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-06-20 ago wenzelm got rid of Output.output for default print mode;
2004-06-20 ago wenzelm added checkTimer;
2004-06-20 ago wenzelm added accumulated timing;
2004-06-20 ago wenzelm added escape, export encode_raw, default mode now trivial, tuned;