2008-01-02 ago wenzelm Isabelle.command: IsarCmd.nested_command (with properties);
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm added nested_command (with explicit position argument via properties);
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm of_properties: return filtered result;
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm added method encodeProperties;
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm setting -H 2000 and no documents for higher performance;
2008-01-02 ago huffman add dcpo instance proof
2008-01-02 ago huffman declare upE as cases rule; add new rule up_induct
2008-01-02 ago huffman update sq_ord/po instance proofs
2008-01-02 ago huffman move lemmas from Cont.thy to Ffun.thy;
2008-01-02 ago huffman remove not_up_less_UU [simp]
2008-01-02 ago huffman update instance proofs for sq_ord, po; new instance proofs for dcpo
2008-01-02 ago huffman add lemma ub2ub_monofun'
2008-01-02 ago huffman added dcpo instance proofs
2008-01-02 ago huffman new class dcpo; added dcpo versions of some lemmas
2008-01-02 ago huffman added new lemmas
2008-01-02 ago huffman add lemma dir2dir_monofun
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm tuned;
2008-01-02 ago huffman new is_ub lemmas; new lub syntax for set image
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm Multithreading.max_threads := 0 refers to number of cores of underlying machine;
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm added Multithreading.max_threads_value, which maps a value of 0 to number of CPUs;
2008-01-02 ago wenzelm added usedir -M max (alias for -M 0);
2008-01-02 ago huffman new section for directed sets
2008-01-02 ago haftmann split of class uminus
2008-01-02 ago haftmann empty dictionaries for OCaml
2008-01-02 ago haftmann clarified policy
2008-01-02 ago haftmann tuned
2008-01-02 ago haftmann some more antiquotations
2008-01-02 ago haftmann index now a copy of nat rather than int
2008-01-02 ago haftmann absolute import
2008-01-02 ago haftmann some more primrec
2008-01-02 ago haftmann removed some legacy instantiations
2008-01-02 ago haftmann improved evaluation mechanism
2008-01-02 ago haftmann splitted class uminus from class minus
2008-01-02 ago paulson testing for empty sort
2008-01-02 ago paulson new metis proofs
2008-01-02 ago kleing renamed foldM to fold_mset on general request
2008-01-02 ago huffman update instance proofs to new style
2008-01-01 ago huffman declare sprodE as cases rule; new induction rule sprod_induct
2008-01-01 ago huffman add induction rule ssum_induct
2008-01-01 ago wenzelm eval_wrapper: CRITICAL;
2008-01-01 ago wenzelm try_ml_file: setmp explicit theory context, prevents race condition wrt. concurrent ML_Context.set_context;
2008-01-01 ago wenzelm tuned spaces;
2008-01-01 ago wenzelm removed separate exists/forall code;
2008-01-01 ago urbanc tuned proofs and comments
2007-12-31 ago wenzelm removed obsolete banner;
2007-12-30 ago wenzelm tuned;
2007-12-30 ago wenzelm added PROMPT message;
2007-12-30 ago wenzelm added isSystem;
2007-12-30 ago wenzelm simple make script;
2007-12-29 ago wenzelm tuned comments (javadoc);
2007-12-27 ago wenzelm use polyml-cvs, the 5.2 development branch;
2007-12-22 ago wenzelm tuned RandomWord interface;
2007-12-22 ago wenzelm added int/real/list operations;
2007-12-22 ago wenzelm use random_word.ML earlier;
2007-12-21 ago huffman changed type definition to make Iwhen and reasoning about chains unnecessary;
2007-12-21 ago ballarin Fixed eta constraction issue in compose_witness
2007-12-20 ago wenzelm included meson/metis tests in simultaneous use_thys;
2007-12-20 ago wenzelm ``print mode'' is now a thread-local value derived from a global template;
2007-12-20 ago wenzelm scheduling/next_task: PrintMode.closure;
2007-12-20 ago wenzelm added get/put_data;