2010-01-04 ago wenzelm discontinued special HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS;
2010-01-03 ago wenzelm updated stats;
2010-01-03 ago wenzelm made SML/NJ happy;
2010-01-03 ago paulson merged
2010-01-03 ago paulson removed legacy asm_lr_simp_tac
2010-01-03 ago nipkow removed more asm_rl's - unfortunately slowdown of 1 min.
2010-01-02 ago krauss new year's resolution: reindented code in function package
2010-01-02 ago krauss provide simp and induct rules in Function.info
2010-01-02 ago krauss more official data record Function.info
2010-01-02 ago krauss simplified
2010-01-02 ago krauss absorb structures Decompose and Descent into Termination, to simplify further restructuring
2010-01-02 ago nipkow another legacy "asm_lr"
2010-01-02 ago nipkow merged
2010-01-02 ago nipkow removed legacy asm_lr
2010-01-02 ago wenzelm merged
2010-01-01 ago nipkow added lemmas
2010-01-01 ago nipkow added lemma
2010-01-01 ago nipkow removed FIXME
2010-01-02 ago wenzelm tuned error handling;
2010-01-02 ago wenzelm Standard_System.raw_execute: optional cwd;
2010-01-02 ago wenzelm Download URLs -- with progress monitor.
2010-01-01 ago wenzelm Future values -- Scala version.
2009-12-31 ago wenzelm added simple dialogs;
2009-12-31 ago wenzelm added is_ready;
2009-12-30 ago wenzelm simplified init message -- removed redundant session property;
2009-12-30 ago wenzelm removed obsolete version check -- sanity delegated to Isabelle_System;
2009-12-30 ago wenzelm eliminated Markup.edits/EDITS: Isar.edit_document reports Markup.edit/EDIT while running under new document id;
2009-12-30 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2009-12-30 ago wenzelm less ambitious isatest for SML/NJ;
2009-12-30 ago krauss killed a few warnings
2009-12-30 ago krauss more regular axiom of infinity, with no (indirect) reference to overloaded constants
2009-12-29 ago wenzelm back to Unsynchronized.ref, with some attempts to make the main operations actually thread-safe;
2009-12-29 ago wenzelm removed slightly odd Isar_Document.init;
2009-12-29 ago wenzelm explicit session HOL-Proofs -- avoid statefulness of main HOL image wrt. HOL_proofs etc.;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm tuned;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm crude Cygwin.setup;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm ignore undefined environment;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm separate Standard_System (Cygwin/Posix compatibility) vs. Isabelle_System (settings environment etc.);
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm tuned;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm system shutdown hook: strict kill;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm moved Library.decode_permissive_utf8 to Isabelle_System;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm pid without newline -- required for Scala version of system_out;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm higher-order treatment of temporary files;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm isabelle_tool: apply platform_path only once;
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm slightly more paranoid cleanup of process (cf. http://kylecartmell.com/?p=9 "Five Common java.lang.Process Pitfalls");
2009-12-28 ago wenzelm some sanity checks for symbol interpretation;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm allow UTF-8 in theory and file names;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm factored-out Library.decode_permissive_utf8;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm read header by scanning/parsing file;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm quoted_content: handle escapes;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm scan: operate on file (via Scan.byte_reader), more robust exception handling;
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm added byte_reader, which works without decoding and enables efficient length operation (for scala.util.parsing.input.Reader);
2009-12-27 ago wenzelm removed unused read_file;
2009-12-24 ago paulson tidied proofs
2009-12-24 ago haftmann made sml/nj happy
2009-12-23 ago boehmes updated certificates
2009-12-23 ago boehmes updated example
2009-12-23 ago boehmes merged verification condition structure and term representation in one datatype,
2009-12-23 ago haftmann merged
2009-12-23 ago haftmann updated generated document sources