2010-09-09 ago wenzelm more abstract treatment of interrupts in structure Exn -- hardly ever need to mention Interrupt literally;
2010-09-09 ago wenzelm avoid mixing of static and runtime errors in compiler output, to accomodate Proof General;
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm ML_Compiler.eval: discontinued extra "Static Errors" of raw Poly/ML;
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm isabelle-jedit.css: suppress "location" markup, which indicates extra positional information intended for plain-old TTY mode;
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm ML_Compiler.eval: more careful printing of messages and regular output, trying to accomodate Poly/ML, Proof General, Isabelle/Scala/jEdit at the same time;
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm clarified -- inlined ML_Env.local_context;
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm merged
2010-09-08 ago bulwahn restricting invocation only if PROLOG_HOME is set
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm tuned proofs (based on fancy gutter icons in Isabelle/jEdit);
2010-09-08 ago blanchet merge
2010-09-08 ago blanchet remove "safe" (as suggested by Tobias) and added "arith" to "try"
2010-09-06 ago blanchet remove "minipick" (the toy version of Nitpick) and some tests;
2010-09-06 ago blanchet use Future.fork rather than Thread.fork, so that the thread is part of the global thread management
2010-09-06 ago blanchet fix editor
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm merged
2010-09-08 ago paulson merged
2010-09-08 ago paulson tidied using inductive_simps
2010-09-08 ago haftmann NEWS
2010-09-08 ago haftmann removed ancient constdefs command
2010-09-08 ago nipkow put expand_(fun/set)_eq back in as synonyms, for compatibility
2010-09-07 ago huffman set up Nil and Cons to work as fixrec patterns
2010-09-07 ago haftmann merged
2010-09-07 ago haftmann updated generated document
2010-09-07 ago haftmann only write ghc pragma when writing to a file
2010-09-07 ago haftmann added flat_program; tuned signature
2010-09-07 ago haftmann dropped ancient deresolve_base; plain_const_syntax also needs modification of instance statement
2010-09-07 ago haftmann moved flat_program to code_namespace
2010-09-07 ago haftmann dropped outdated substitution
2010-09-07 ago haftmann Haskell uses generic flat_program combinator
2010-09-07 ago haftmann factored out build_module_namespace
2010-09-07 ago haftmann added generic flat_program procedure
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn using the proposed modes for starting the fixpoint iteration in the mode analysis
2010-09-07 ago nipkow merged
2010-09-07 ago nipkow renamed expand_*_eq in HOLCF as well
2010-09-07 ago nipkow expand_fun_eq -> ext_iff
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn merged
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn lower expectation in Reg exp example
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn renewing specification in example file; adding invocation in example file
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn handling collection of simprules as sets rather than as lists
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn stating errors in error messages more verbose in predicate compiler
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn raising an exception instead of guessing some reasonable behaviour for this function
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn using linear find_least instead of sorting in the mode analysis of the predicate compiler
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding code attribute to definition of equality of finite sets for executability of equality of finite sets
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adapting example files
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding the Reg_Exp example
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn towards time limiting the prolog execution
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding IMP quickcheck examples
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding the CFG example to the build process
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding a List example (challenge from Tobias) for counterexample search
2010-09-07 ago bulwahn adding dependencies to IsaMakefile; increasing negative search limit for predicate_compile_quickcheck; adding tracing of introduction rules in code_prolog
2010-09-08 ago wenzelm disposed some old TODO/FIXME;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm Document_View: select gutter message icons from markup over line range, not full range results;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm tuned properties;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm moved token markup tables to isabelle_markup.scala;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm concentrate Isabelle specific physical rendering markup selection in isabelle_markup.scala;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm simplified Markup_Tree.select: Stream instead of Iterator (again), explicit Option instead of default;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm Document_View: more precise painting of gutter icons, only if line selection area is sufficiently large;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm basic support for warning/error gutter icons;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm Document_View: some markup for main inner syntax categories;
2010-09-07 ago wenzelm Command.State.accumulate: check actual source range;