2011-10-09 ago wenzelm updated ISABELLE_HOME_USER;
2011-10-04 ago wenzelm more explicit check of Java executable -- relevant for Linux x86/x86_64 mismatch and absence on Mac OS Lion;
2011-10-03 ago wenzelm Added tag Isabelle2011-1-RC2 for changeset a45121ffcfcb
2011-10-03 ago wenzelm some amendments due to Jean Pichon;
2011-09-29 ago traytel correct coercion generation in case of unknown map functions
2011-09-28 ago wenzelm proper platform_file_url for Windows UNC paths (server shares);
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm proper platform_file_url;
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm observe base URL of rendered document;
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm more README;
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm tuned README.html;
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm tuned;
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm retain output, which is required for non-existent JRE, for example (cf. b455e4f42c04);
2011-09-27 ago wenzelm tuned message, which is displayed after termination of Isabelle.app on Mac OS;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm keep top-level "Isabelle" executable -- now an alias for "isabelle jedit";
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm tuned;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm ensure Isabelle env;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm Added tag Isabelle2011-1-RC1 for changeset 24ad77c3a147
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm tuned;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm misc tuning for release;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm reverted 09cdc4209d25 for formal reasons: it did not say what was "broken" nor "fixed", but broke IsaMakefile dependencies;
2011-09-26 ago wenzelm makedist for release;
2011-09-26 ago blanchet put MiniSat back first -- Torlak's eval seemed to suggest that Crypto and Lingeling were better, but Crypto is slower on "Nitpick_Examples" and Crypto crashes
2011-09-26 ago blanchet require Java 1.6 in the Nitpick documentation -- technically 1.5 will also work with Kodkodi 1.2.16, but it won't work with Kodkodi 1.5.0
2011-09-26 ago blanchet put CryptoMiniSat first and remove warning about unsoundness now that it has been fixed in Kodkod
2011-09-26 ago bulwahn adding an example with inductive predicates to quickcheck narrowing examples
2011-09-26 ago bulwahn importing the Generated_Code module qualified to reduce the probability of name clashes between the static code and the generated code in the narrowing-based Quickcheck
2011-09-25 ago blanchet clarify platforms
2011-09-25 ago blanchet killed JNI version of zChaff, since Kodkod 1.5 does not support it anymore
2011-09-25 ago blanchet updated Nitpick SAT Solver doc
2011-09-25 ago blanchet update list of SAT solvers reflecting Kodkod 1.5
2011-09-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2011-09-25 ago wenzelm more uniform defaults;
2011-09-25 ago haftmann Quotient_Set.thy is part of library
2011-09-25 ago nipkow fixed typo
2011-09-24 ago wenzelm standardize drive letters -- important for proper document node identification;
2011-09-24 ago wenzelm more user aliases;
2011-09-24 ago sultana fixed IsaMakefile action for HOL-TPTP.
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm prefer socket comminication on Cygwin, which is more stable here than fifos;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm tuned proof;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm made SML/NJ happy;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm discontinued stream-based Socket_IO, which causes too many problems with Poly/ML and SML/NJ (reverting major parts of 5c0b0d67f9b1);
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm updated header;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm merged;
2011-09-23 ago blanchet reintroduced E-SInE now that it's unexpectedly working again (thanks to Geoff)
2011-09-23 ago blanchet first step towards extending Minipick with more translations
2011-09-23 ago berghofe Include keywords print_coercions and print_coercion_maps
2011-08-17 ago traytel local coercion insertion algorithm to support complex coercions
2011-08-17 ago traytel printing and deleting of coercions
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm raw unbuffered socket IO, which bypasses the fragile BinIO layer in Poly/ML 5.4.x;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm default print mode for Isabelle/Scala, not just Isabelle/jEdit;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm augment existing print mode;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm explicit option for socket vs. fifo communication;
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm tuned proof;
2011-09-23 ago blanchet synchronized section names with manual
2011-09-23 ago wenzelm merged;
2011-09-22 ago huffman discontinued legacy theorem names from RealDef.thy
2011-09-22 ago huffman merged
2011-09-22 ago huffman discontinued HOLCF legacy theorem names
2011-09-22 ago blanchet take out remote E-SInE -- it's broken and Geoff says it might take quite a while before he gets to it, plus it's fairly obsolete in the meantime
2011-09-22 ago berghofe Moved extraction part of Higman's lemma to separate theory to allow reuse in