2012-03-10 ago wenzelm discontinued specific entity markup, which causes confusion with "kind" names with spaces (e.g. "type name");
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm merged
2012-03-10 ago bulwahn adding tags to quickcheck's result
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm clarified idents for activated locales, with subtle change of semantics: insert/merge wrt. term equality, but avoid redundant_ident on retrieval;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm eliminated dead code;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm clarified total_ident_ord, swapping first argument back to normal (unlike e464f84f3680) -- NB: "fast" ord is erratic anyway;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm misc tuning and simplification;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm tuned;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm clarified Pattern.matchess;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm tuned;
2012-03-10 ago wenzelm more precise alignment of begin/end, proof/qed;
2012-03-09 ago wenzelm merged
2012-03-09 ago haftmann beautified
2012-03-09 ago haftmann more precise checking for wellformedness of mapper, before and after morphism application
2012-03-09 ago haftmann reject mapper terms with type variables not contained in the term's type
2012-03-09 ago haftmann always bracket case expressions in Scala
2012-03-09 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-03-09 ago paulson merges
2012-03-09 ago paulson More calculation-based cardinality proofs
2012-03-09 ago sultana split make_tptp_parser into two scripts, for parser and lib respectively;
2012-03-09 ago sultana added ml-yacc library sources;
2012-03-09 ago sultana added tptp parser;
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm merged
2012-03-08 ago paulson Structured and calculation-based proofs (with new trans rules!)
2012-03-08 ago paulson Structured and calculation-based proofs (with new trans rules!)
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm tuned comment;
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm simplified -- plain map_index is sufficient (pointed out by Enrico Tassi);
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm tuned;
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm clarified XML signature (again) -- coincide with basic Markup without explicit dependency;
2012-03-08 ago wenzelm more precise warning/error positions;
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm merged
2012-03-07 ago haftmann less rigorous but more realistic migration recommendation; note on code generation of sets
2012-03-07 ago haftmann tuned syntax; more candidates
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm tuned message (cf. ML version);
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm eliminated dead code;
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm simplified signature (NB: interpretation of properties is mainly done via XML.Encode/Decode);
2012-03-07 ago berghofe to_pred/set attributes now properly handle variables of type "... => T set"
2012-03-07 ago wenzelm some recovery of IsaMakefile targets from f3c10e908f65;
2012-03-07 ago sultana added max_new_mono_instances, max_mono_iters, to Mirabelle-Sledgehammer; changed sh_minimize to avoid setting Mirabelle-level defaults;
2012-03-07 ago sultana added sh_minimize and preplay_timeout options to Mirabelle's Sledgehammer action;
2012-03-07 ago sultana added Mirabelle action info in its log file; tuned;
2012-03-06 ago paulson More mathematical symbols for ZF examples
2012-03-06 ago paulson mathematical symbols for Isabelle/ZF example theories
2012-03-06 ago paulson Using mathematical notation for <-> and cardinal arithmetic
2012-03-06 ago paulson mathematical symbols instead of ASCII
2012-03-04 ago blanchet addressed a quotient-type-related issue that arose with the port to "set"
2012-03-04 ago blanchet ensure no abstractions leak through after lambda-lifting (for formulas with higher-order occurrences of quantifiers)
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm updates for jedit-4.5.0 (still inactive);
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm more explicit patches;
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm tuned comment;
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm removed obsolete proper_command_at (cf. 03a2dc9e0624);
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm added Command.proper_range (still unused);
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm clarified special eol treatment and moved to gfx_range -- enables error messages at end of input, e.g. "prop PROP";
2012-03-04 ago wenzelm clarified command span: include trailing whitespace/comments and thus reduce number of ignored spans with associated transactions and states (factor 2);
2012-03-04 ago haftmann tuned
2012-03-04 ago haftmann move test targets to test target
2012-03-04 ago haftmann dropped images for importer sessions
2012-03-04 ago haftmann dropped dead code
2012-03-04 ago haftmann more accurate dependencies