2012-09-12 ago wenzelm avoid spaces in markup names, which might cause problems in boundary situations (e.g. HTML class);
2012-09-12 ago wenzelm discontinued experiment with literal replacement text in PDF (cf. b646316f8b3c, 2ff10e613689);
2012-09-12 ago wenzelm more robust interrupt handling;
2012-09-12 ago wenzelm some attempts to synchronize ROOT/files and document/build;
2012-09-12 ago wenzelm tuned error;
2012-09-12 ago traytel option_pred characterization
2012-09-12 ago traytel true vs. True in pattern matching
2012-09-12 ago blanchet reduced theory dependencies
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-12 ago blanchet moved theorems closer to where they are used
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-12 ago blanchet renamed "Ordinals_and_Cardinals" to "Cardinals"
2012-09-12 ago blanchet split basic BNFs into really basic ones and others, and added Andreas Lochbihler's "option" BNF
2012-09-12 ago blanchet reorganized dependencies so that the sugar does not depend on GFP -- this will be essential for bootstrapping
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning annotations
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuned antiquotations
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-12 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-12 ago blanchet added optional qualifiers for constructors and destructors, similarly to the old package
2012-09-12 ago blanchet adapted example
2012-09-12 ago blanchet added attributes to theorems
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm merged
2012-09-11 ago blanchet support for sort constraints in new (co)data commands
2012-09-11 ago blanchet provide a programmatic interface for FP sugar
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm some GUI support for color options;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm more precise sections;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm provide color values via options;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm prefer tuning parameters as public methods (again) -- to allow overriding in applications;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm updated keywords;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm merged
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm tuned;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm more informative tooltip: default value;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm more options;
2012-09-11 ago blanchet allow defaults for one datatype to involve the constructor of another one in the mutually recursive case
2012-09-11 ago blanchet added "defaults" option
2012-09-11 ago blanchet removed wrong "transpose" and ensure "sel" theorems are put in the right order (grouped per selector, in the order in which the selectors appear)
2012-09-11 ago blanchet spin off "bnf_def_tactics.ML"
2012-09-11 ago blanchet move "bnf_util.ML" to "BNF_Util.thy"
2012-09-11 ago blanchet renamed "BNF_Library" to "BNF_Util"
2012-09-11 ago blanchet generate all sel theorems
2012-09-11 ago blanchet allow default values for selectors in low-level "wrap_data" command
2012-09-11 ago blanchet removed needless "infer_types" call
2012-09-11 ago blanchet added no_dests option
2012-09-11 ago blanchet tuning
2012-09-11 ago blanchet finished splitting sum types for corecursors
2012-09-11 ago blanchet split sum types in corecursor definition
2012-09-11 ago blanchet first step towards splitting corecursor function arguments into (p, g, h) triples
2012-09-11 ago blanchet reverted "id" change: The problem is rather that the "%c. f c" argument sometimes gets eta-reduced
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm replaced jedit_relative_font_size by jedit_font_scale;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm need to provide label via some jEdit property;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm some support to organize options in sections;
2012-09-11 ago wenzelm merged
2012-09-11 ago blanchet generate "id" rather than (%v. v)
2012-09-11 ago blanchet correctly generate sel_coiter and sel_corec theorems
2012-09-10 ago blanchet generate "sel_coiters" and friends
2012-09-10 ago blanchet sanity check
2012-09-10 ago blanchet implemented and use "mk_sum_casesN_balanced"
2012-09-10 ago blanchet fixed general case of "mk_sumEN_balanced"
2012-09-10 ago blanchet debug