2012-11-26 ago wenzelm more general sendback properties;
2012-11-26 ago wenzelm tuned command descriptions;
2012-11-26 ago wenzelm refined outer syntax 'help' command;
2012-11-26 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-11-26 ago wenzelm always reset active areas;
2012-11-26 ago wenzelm no special treatment of control_reset, in accordance to other control styles;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm renamed main plugin object to PIDE;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned signature -- avoid intrusion of module Path in generic PIDE concepts;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm explicit module UTF8;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm tuned file name;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm Isabelle-specific implementation of quasi-abstract markup elements -- back to module arrangement before d83797ef0d2d;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm prefer strict error;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm quasi-abstract module Rendering, with Isabelle-specific implementation;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm added convenience actions isabelle.increase-font-size and isabelle.decrease-font-size;
2012-11-25 ago wenzelm eval PDF_VIEWER/DVI_VIEWER command line, which allows additional quotes for program name, for example;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm retain hidden_color (i.e. transparent white) instead of replacing it by semantic text color, to make control symbols more hidden and avoid "dirty" lines with some fonts;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm prefer buffer_edit combinator over Java-style boilerplate;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm more robust font for control symbols, to ensure these obscure codepoints are properly rendered;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm tuned symbol groups;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm tuned -- Symbol.groups already sorted;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm more robust default font -- user might have switched jEdit TextArea to another font that lacks glyphs;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm added option jedit_symbols_search_limit;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm avoid empty tooltip;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm tuned symbol groups;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm special handling of control symbols in Symbols dockable;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm recovered some tooltip wrapping from e2762f962042, with multi-line support via HTML.encode;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm avoid showing semantic aspects of Unicode -- Isabelle/Scala merely (ab)uses the low-level rendering model (codepoint + font);
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm more NEWS/CONTRIBUTORS;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm improved editing support for control styles;
2012-11-24 ago wenzelm added ISABELLE_PLATFORM_FAMILY;
2012-11-23 ago nipkow merged
2012-11-23 ago nipkow moved lemma
2012-11-23 ago wenzelm timeout in proper place (HOL-Quickcheck_Examples approx. 1min, HOL-Quickcheck_Benchmark approx. 1h);
2012-11-23 ago hoelzl add quotient_of_div
2012-11-23 ago kuncar generate correct names
2012-11-23 ago kuncar simplified code
2012-11-23 ago kuncar generate correct correspondence relation name
2012-11-23 ago wenzelm more uniform title, follow-up to 928cb8b35e6e;
2012-11-23 ago nipkow tuned
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm defer interpretation of markup via implicit print mode;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm merged
2012-11-22 ago traytel made SML/NJ happier
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm pack window before accessing its geometry;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm always refresh font metrics, to help window size calculation (amending 2585c81d840a);
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm more precise tooltip window size;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm take component width as indication if it is already visible/layed-out, to avoid multiple formatting with minimal margin;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm reset active area for outdated snapshot (again?);
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm some support for implicit senback, meaning that it uses the caret position instead of explicit command exec_id;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm more abstract Sendback operations, with explicit id/exec_id properties;
2012-11-22 ago wenzelm some support for breakable text and paragraphs;
2012-11-22 ago nipkow tuned names
2012-11-21 ago wenzelm tuned comment;
2012-11-21 ago wenzelm clarified symbol groups, despite this traditional arrangement in X-symbol grid;
2012-11-21 ago wenzelm always retain message positions, in order to allow Isabelle_Rendering.sendback retrieve the exec_id, even in tooltip or detached window;
2012-11-21 ago wenzelm tuned whitespace;
2012-11-21 ago immler merged