2013-01-05 ago blanchet tuned blacklisting in relevance filter
2013-01-04 ago blanchet refined class handling, to prevent cycles in fact graph
2013-01-04 ago blanchet learn from low-level, inside-class facts
2013-01-04 ago blanchet tuning
2013-01-04 ago blanchet tweaked nicknames
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm merged
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm more reactive completion popup by default;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm actually install required copy of Highlight.jar;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm updated to jedit_build-20130104;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm another attempt to get Mac OS X keyhandling right: ALTERNATIVE_DISPATCHER is off, but ALT_KEY_PRESSED_DISABLED is more careful to interpret ALT like ALT_GRAPH, which does not count as modifier here (NB: CONTROL + ALT means ALT_GRAPH on Windows, but ALT means ALT_GRAPH on Mac OS X);
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm more elementary key handling: listen to low-level KEY_PRESSED events (without consuming);
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm tuned imports;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm support TAB in completion: need to configure the component with the key handler;
2013-01-04 ago haftmann note to eliminate dynamic name reference
2013-01-04 ago blanchet speed up generation of local theorem nicknames
2013-01-04 ago blanchet speed up nickname generation for local facts
2013-01-04 ago blanchet updated docs
2013-01-04 ago blanchet renamed "kill" subcommand to avoid clash with "kill" keyword (which confuses Proof General and results in strange syntax highlighting)
2013-01-04 ago blanchet tweaked fudge factor
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm more NEWS;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm document 'locale_deps';
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm prefer old graph browser in Isabelle/jEdit, which still produces better layout;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm more formal inlining of system information;
2013-01-04 ago wenzelm tuned message -- suppress inlined system information;
2013-01-04 ago smolkas merged
2013-01-03 ago smolkas tuned
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm avoid long enumeration of HO unifiers;
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm disable search dialog pool on all platforms -- to prevent GUI synchronization problems seen on KDE (e.g. Kubuntu 12.10);
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm merged
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm maintain session index on Scala side, for more determistic results;
2013-01-03 ago blanchet close formulas in the natural order, not its reverse -- so that Skolem arguments appear in the right order in Isar proofs
2013-01-03 ago blanchet use new skolemizer for reconstructing skolemization steps in Isar proofs (because the old skolemizer messes up the order of the Skolem arguments)
2013-01-03 ago blanchet rename variable in binder, not just in body
2013-01-03 ago blanchet swap Vampire's Skolem arguments to bring them in line with what E and metis's new skolemizer do (helps Isar proof reconstruction in some cases)
2013-01-03 ago blanchet tuned comment
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm NEWS: ML runtime statistics;
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm merged
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm more interesting fields;
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm always enable Future.ML_statistics where this makes sense -- runtime overhead should be negligible;
2013-01-03 ago wenzelm improved Monitor_Dockable, based on ML_Statistics operations;
2013-01-03 ago blanchet get rid of two-year-old hack, now that the "metis" skolemizer no longer gets stuck in HO unification
2013-01-03 ago blanchet avoid explosion in higher-order unification algorithm
2013-01-03 ago blanchet avoid repeated calls to metis from "resolve_tac" in case of ultimate failure
2013-01-03 ago blanchet tuned comment
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm merged
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm added standard_frames convenience;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm some grouping of standard fields;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm some support for chart drawing;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm some support for ML statistics content interpretation;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm moved files;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm moved files;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm ML runtime statistics: read properties from build log;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm support File.read_gzip as well, in accordance to File.write_gzip;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm inline ML statistics into build log;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm removed outdated comment;
2013-01-02 ago wenzelm enable Z3 for full test (cf. 6f48853f08d5);
2013-01-02 ago smolkas removed old, unused code
2013-01-02 ago smolkas removed whitespace
2013-01-02 ago smolkas removed duplicate code
2013-01-02 ago smolkas use rpair to avoid swap