2013-02-25 ago wenzelm clarified Toplevel.element_result: scheduling policies happen here;
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm prefer stateless 'ML_val' for tests;
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm tuned comment;
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm reconsider 'pretty_setmargin' as "control" command (instead of "diag") -- it is stateful and Proof General legacy;
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm merged;
2013-02-24 ago wenzelm simplified Outer_Syntax.read_span: internalized Toplevel.is_ignored;
2013-02-24 ago wenzelm tuned;
2013-02-24 ago wenzelm unified Command.is_proper in ML with Scala (see also 123be08eed88);
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm tuned order of modules;
2013-02-25 ago wenzelm fixed document;
2013-02-24 ago haftmann turned example into library for comparing growth of functions
2013-02-24 ago haftmann corrected reference
2013-02-24 ago nipkow improved orderings
2013-02-24 ago smolkas tuned agressiveness of isar compression
2013-02-24 ago kleing eliminated isize in favour of size + type coercion
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm make SML/NJ happy;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm basic setup for appbundler-1.0 for Mac OS X and Java 7;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm more robust handling of repeated interrupts while terminating managed process;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm more friendly message for spurious InterruptedException, which might still occur due to JVM oddities;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm more explicit GUI components for dynamic actions;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm clarified Progress.stopped: rising edge only;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm more explicit console interrupt handling;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm more permissive File.read_lines, which is relevant for Managed_Process join/kill;
2013-02-23 ago wenzelm support for POSIX interrupts (bypassed on Windows);
2013-02-22 ago traytel merged
2013-02-22 ago traytel tuned error messages
2013-02-22 ago traytel Coercion_Examples defines required coercions itself (no Complex_Main needed)
2013-02-22 ago traytel apply unifying substitution before building the constraint graph
2013-02-22 ago nipkow more abstract intervals
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm more robust load_timings: ignore XML.Decode errors as well;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm make SML/NJ happy;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm identify exceptions more robustly, to allow SML/NJ report toplevel errors without crash;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm make SML/NJ happy;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm updated headers;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm eliminated hard tabs;
2013-02-22 ago wenzelm discontinued obsolete src/HOL/IsaMakefile;
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm merged
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm more explicit session dependency, for improved parallel performance of HOL-UNITY test session -- NB: separate 'theories' sections are sequential;
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm merged
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm removed obsolete tags;
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm highest priority for proofs with unknown / very short timing -- recover original scheduling with parallel_proofs_reuse_timing = false;
2013-02-21 ago blanchet tuned misleading message
2013-02-21 ago wenzelm merged
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm option parallel_proofs_reuse_timing controls reuse of log information -- since it is not always beneficial for performance;
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm prefer outdegree in comparison again (cf. 88c96e836ed6) -- NB: big jobs might hide behind small ones in this naive queuing scheme;
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm more tight representation of command timing;
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm prefer comparison of session timing, if this is known already;
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm proper check of Proof.is_relevant (again, cf. c3e99efacb67 and df8fc0567a3d);
2013-02-20 ago wenzelm support nested Thy_Syntax.element;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm back to non-schematic 'sublocale' and 'interpretation' (despite df8fc0567a3d) for more potential parallelism;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm help JVM to cope with large symbolic structures;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm improved scheduling of forked proofs, based on elapsed time estimate (from last run via session log file);
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm read logs from failed sessions as well;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm recover timing information from old log files;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm suppress timing message in full PIDE protocol -- this is for batch build;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm support for build passing timings from Scala to ML;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm support for prescient timing information within command transactions;
2013-02-19 ago wenzelm emit command_timing properties into build log;
2013-02-21 ago blanchet generate Isar proof if Metis appears to be too slow
2013-02-21 ago blanchet swap slices so that the last slice is more complete (for minimization)