2013-03-23 ago wenzelm retain original tooltip range, to avoid repeated window popup when the mouse is moved over the same content;
2013-03-23 ago wenzelm apply small result immediately, to avoid visible delay of text update after window move;
2013-03-23 ago wenzelm structural equality for Command.Results;
2013-03-23 ago wenzelm allow fractional pretty margin -- avoid premature rounding;
2013-03-23 ago wenzelm more explicit Pretty.Metric, with clear distinction of unit (space width) vs. average char width (for visual adjustments) -- NB: Pretty formatting works via full space characters (despite a981a5c8a505 and 70f7483df9cb);
2013-03-23 ago wenzelm tuned;
2013-03-23 ago haftmann spelling
2013-03-23 ago haftmann fundamental revision of big operators on sets
2013-03-23 ago haftmann tuned proof
2013-03-23 ago haftmann locales for abstract orders
2013-03-23 ago krauss merged
2013-03-22 ago krauss added rudimentary induction rule for partial_function (heap)
2013-03-22 ago krauss allow induction predicates with arbitrary arity (not just binary)
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl modernized definition of root: use the_inv, handle positive and negative case uniformly, and 0-th root is constant 0
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl arcsin and arccos are continuous on {0 .. 1} (including the endpoints)
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move continuous_on_inv to HOL image (simplifies isCont_inverse_function)
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move connected to HOL image; used to show intermediate value theorem
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move compact to the HOL image; prove compactness of real closed intervals; show that continuous functions attain supremum and infimum on compact sets
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move continuous and continuous_on to the HOL image; isCont is an abbreviation for continuous (at x) (isCont is now restricted to a T2 space)
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl clean up lemma_nest_unique and renamed to nested_sequence_unique
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl simplify proof of the Bolzano bisection lemma; use more meta-logic to state it; renamed lemma_Bolzano to Bolzano
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl introduct the conditional_complete_lattice type class; generalize theorems about real Sup and Inf to it
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl generalize Bfun and Bseq to metric spaces; Bseq is an abbreviation for Bfun
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move first_countable_topology to the HOL image
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move metric_space to its own theory
2013-03-22 ago hoelzl move topological_space to its own theory
2013-03-21 ago wenzelm proper metric for blanks -- NB: 70f7483df9cb discontinues coincidence of char_width with space width;
2013-03-21 ago wenzelm eliminated char_width_int to avoid unclear rounding;
2013-03-21 ago nipkow proofs depend only on constraints, not on def of L WHILE
2013-03-20 ago blanchet use the right role for SPASS hypotheses
2013-03-20 ago kleing soundness statement as in type system
2013-03-20 ago kleing add label for referencing in semantics book
2013-03-20 ago nipkow tuned
2013-03-19 ago nipkow get rid of xcolor warnings
2013-03-19 ago traytel extended stream library
2013-03-19 ago kleing export datatype definition which gets expanded too much in antiquotation
2013-03-19 ago nipkow tuned
2013-03-19 ago Andreas Lochbihler add induction rule for partial_function (tailrec)
2013-03-18 ago wenzelm prefer ownerless window, to avoid question of potentially changing parent view;
2013-03-18 ago wenzelm proper parent component for window.init;
2013-03-18 ago kleing lemma names and a corollary
2013-03-18 ago kleing managed to eliminate further snippets
2013-03-18 ago kleing fewer IMP snippets
2013-03-18 ago wenzelm merged
2013-03-18 ago wenzelm extra tooltip_delay after window.dismiss operation, to avoid flickering of quick reactivation;
2013-03-18 ago wenzelm recovered special background handling from 8d6e478934dc, particularly relevant for gutter border;
2013-03-17 ago wenzelm re-init last window without flipping its visible/disposed state, to avoid odd focus inversion problems;
2013-03-17 ago wenzelm explicit handling of tooltip window stack -- avoid memory leak due to not-so-weak references to disposed windows (via event handlers and other aux. components);
2013-03-18 ago nipkow tuned
2013-03-18 ago traytel eliminate duplicated constant (diag vs. Id_on)
2013-03-18 ago traytel hide internal constants; tuned proofs
2013-03-18 ago nipkow tuned
2013-03-17 ago nipkow tuned
2013-03-17 ago nipkow added advanced rule induction subsection
2013-03-16 ago wenzelm merged
2013-03-16 ago wenzelm more elementary tooltips via mouse events (imitating parts of javax.swing.ToolTipManager) -- avoid abuse of getToolTipText to produce window as side-effect;
2013-03-16 ago wenzelm some more hammering to convince JDK 7 (and 8-ea) on Mac OS X about window size change;
2013-03-16 ago wenzelm more precise tooltip window size (NB: dimensions are known after layout pack, before making content visible);
2013-03-16 ago kuncar drop a workaround because of 8739f8abbecb
2013-03-16 ago kuncar fixing transfer tactic - unfold fully identity relation by using relator_eq