2014-10-05 ago wenzelm clarified modules;
2014-10-05 ago wenzelm citation tooltip/hyperlink based on open buffers with .bib files;
2014-10-05 ago wenzelm bibtex support in ML: document antiquotation @{cite} with markup;
2014-10-05 ago wenzelm maintain Document_Model.bibtex_entries;
2014-10-05 ago wenzelm more advanced NEWS tree structure and folding;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm merged;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm NEWS;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm tuned output;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm proper treatment of @comment (amending 402a8e8107a7);
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm mark hard tabs as single chunks, as required by jEdit (see 0fd2bf8eaa9f);
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm more total chunk_line: recovery via ignored_line;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm more explicit comments;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm clarified nesting of delimiters;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm fields are case-insensitive;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm clarified nesting of delimiters;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm more explicit chunk name;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm clarified Chunk -- avoid ooddities;
2014-10-04 ago wenzelm support for bibtex token markup;
2014-10-03 ago wenzelm more explicit item kind;
2014-10-03 ago wenzelm strict spaces for item_start: despite actual bibtex syntax, but in accordance to bibtex modes in Emacs and jEdit;
2014-10-03 ago wenzelm SideKick parser for bibtex entries;
2014-10-03 ago wenzelm more buffer.isEditable checks;
2014-10-03 ago wenzelm context menu for bibtex entries;
2014-10-02 ago wenzelm some support for bibtex files;
2014-10-03 ago nipkow tuned
2014-10-03 ago nipkow tuned
2014-10-02 ago haftmann accomplish potentially case-insenstive file systems for Scala
2014-10-02 ago nipkow tuned
2014-10-02 ago blanchet merge
2014-10-02 ago blanchet more precise lemma insertion
2014-10-02 ago blanchet insert lemmas closer to where they are needed, both for esthetics and (primarily) for correctness in case the lemma refers to a skolem
2014-10-02 ago blanchet avoid duplicate 'obtain' in veriT Isar proofs, by removing dubious condition
2014-10-02 ago haftmann formal lcm definition for polynomials
2014-10-02 ago haftmann moved lemmas out of Int.thy which have nothing to do with int
2014-10-02 ago haftmann redundant: dropped
2014-10-02 ago haftmann tuned Heap_Monad.successE
2014-10-02 ago blanchet eliminate duplicate hypotheses (which can arise due to (un)clausification)
2014-10-02 ago blanchet documentation
2014-10-02 ago blanchet fixed a few mistakes in the documentation
2014-10-02 ago blanchet tuning
2014-10-02 ago blanchet 'moura' method is also useful for reconstructing skolemization of lambda-lifting of formulas for other provers than Z3
2014-10-01 ago wenzelm actually finish after closing, e.g. relevant for consecutive (**)(**);
2014-09-30 ago nipkow tuned
2014-09-30 ago wenzelm tuned;
2014-09-30 ago nipkow tuned
2014-09-30 ago blanchet don't call 'hd' on a possibly empty list
2014-09-30 ago blanchet proper types for applied variables, for typed formats (TFF0, DFG)
2014-09-30 ago blanchet don't affect other subgoals with 'auto' in one-liner proofs
2014-09-30 ago blanchet tuned output in case of one-liner failure
2014-09-30 ago blanchet updated docs with two provers: veriT and Zipperposition
2014-09-30 ago blanchet give more facts to veriT -- it seems to be able to cope with them
2014-09-30 ago blanchet use native encoding with Vampire -- modern versions handle types better than the old ones
2014-09-30 ago blanchet always minimize, to reinvoke the prover with nicer options and yield a nicer Isar proof (potentially -- cf. 'full_proof')
2014-09-30 ago fleury correct inlining in veriT's subproofs.
2014-09-30 ago blanchet repaired index confusion -- in particular, carefully distinguish between 'assert indices' (monomorphised etc.) and 'assume indices'
2014-09-30 ago blanchet tuning
2014-09-30 ago blanchet tuning
2014-09-30 ago blanchet keep rules with no premises in Isar proofs from veriT
2014-09-30 ago blanchet correct indexing in the presence of lambda-lifting
2014-09-29 ago nipkow merged