2015-01-14 ago wenzelm more type-safe handler interface;
2015-01-14 ago wenzelm clarified build_theories: proper protocol handler;
2015-01-14 ago wenzelm added Promise.cancel;
2015-01-14 ago wenzelm clarified build_theories;
2015-01-14 ago wenzelm added Path.decode in ML, in correspondence to Path.encode in Scala;
2015-01-13 ago wenzelm some support for PIDE batch session;
2015-01-15 ago hoelzl piecewise measurability using restrict_space; cleanup Borel_Space
2015-01-14 ago nipkow tuned
2015-01-14 ago Andreas Lochbihler indent broken lines of bindings in do blocks
2015-01-14 ago Andreas Lochbihler more line breaks in integral notation
2015-01-14 ago Andreas Lochbihler allow line breaks in integral notation
2015-01-14 ago Andreas Lochbihler allow line breaks in probability syntax
2015-01-14 ago blanchet don't minimize chained facts -- this leads to subtle failures, e.g. if a method succeeds without a chained fact but fails with it
2015-01-13 ago hoelzl NEWS
2015-01-13 ago hoelzl measurability prover: removed app splitting, replaced by more powerful destruction rules
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm tuned warnings: observe Context_Position.is_visible;
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm removed unused/non-portable with_tmp_fifo;
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm discontinued fifo channel, always use portable socket;
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm tuned -- more Sidekick-friendly layout;
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm do not crash into already running exec, instead join its lazy result in the subsequent step (amending 59f1591a11cb);
2015-01-11 ago wenzelm more explicit errors;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm proper latex;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm tuned -- less redundant;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm proper Session.save with shutdown, which is relevant to avoid persistent threads;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm tuned latex;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm merged
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm always use socket to test performance and stability;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm explicit shutdown of scheduler and worker thread farm, assuming Session.shutdown() before saving heap image;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm discontinued worker_trend: prefer constant number of active + reserve threads;
2015-01-10 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-10 ago nipkow added lemma
2015-01-10 ago haftmann typo
2015-01-10 ago haftmann avoid writing into source
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm clarified active_job: take dependencies into account (e.g. future based on promise);
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm non-strict print_state: display old proof state on failure, e.g. unfinished command;
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm permissive worker_start: failure to fork thread is deferred to later attempt to provide missing threads, without crashing scheduler;
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm clarified Event_Timer.shutdown: manager thread remains until final shutdown in Session.finish;
2015-01-09 ago wenzelm ignore print process even after fork, to avoid loosing active worker threads;
2015-01-09 ago hoelzl rel_pmf OO: conversion to nat is not necessary
2015-01-09 ago Andreas Lochbihler merged
2015-01-09 ago Andreas Lochbihler simplify construction for distribution of rel_pmf over op OO
2015-01-09 ago haftmann prefer option for default code printing width
2015-01-09 ago haftmann modernized and more uniform style
2015-01-08 ago haftmann tuned order
2015-01-08 ago haftmann tuned
2015-01-08 ago haftmann avoid technical term "mixin" in user documentation text
2015-01-08 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-07 ago nipkow merged
2015-01-07 ago nipkow updated bibtex
2015-01-07 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-07 ago wenzelm misc tuning;
2015-01-07 ago blanchet made SML/NJ happier
2015-01-07 ago wenzelm configurable options;
2015-01-06 ago wenzelm proper level distance according to number of edges, as in old browser;
2015-01-06 ago wenzelm clarified Vertex.Ordering, to approximate situation before 4d985afc0565, which is relevant for level arrangement;
2015-01-06 ago wenzelm tuned;
2015-01-06 ago wenzelm merged
2015-01-06 ago wenzelm NEWS;