1999-12-22 ago wenzelm raw_t(e)xt: any proof mode;
1999-12-22 ago wenzelm fixed error msg;
1999-12-22 ago wenzelm marg_comment: repeat;
1999-12-22 ago wenzelm text: string list;
1999-12-22 ago paulson tidied, with a bit more progress
1999-12-22 ago paulson Working version after a FAILED attempt to base Follows upon LeadsETo
1999-12-22 ago paulson new weakening laws
1999-12-22 ago paulson removing the "{} : CC" requirement for leadsTo[CC]
1999-12-22 ago kleing back to old sml version (due to c library problems)
1999-12-22 ago kleing some tuning (incorporated David's suggestions)
1999-12-21 ago paulson working with weak LeadsTo in guarantees precondition\!
1999-12-21 ago oheimb corrected, improved eMail addresses, user interface section
1999-12-17 ago paulson now workign as far as System_Alloc_Progress
1999-12-16 ago paulson SOUNDNESS BUG FIX for rotate_rule. The original code did not expect
1999-12-15 ago paulson first working version to Alloc/System_Client_Progress;
1999-12-13 ago paulson expandshort
1999-12-09 ago kleing dist page now in page/dist-{content|layout}
1999-12-09 ago wenzelm updated;
1999-12-09 ago kleing prettyfied
1999-12-09 ago kleing full url to local (munich) page
1999-12-09 ago kleing new web pages integrated
1999-12-09 ago kleing used for new weg page layout
1999-12-09 ago kleing ID line added
1999-12-09 ago kleing new webpage layout
1999-12-08 ago paulson abolition of localTo: instead "guarantees" has local vars as extra argument
1999-12-08 ago paulson used image_eq_UN to speed up slow proofs of base cases
1999-12-08 ago paulson useful lemma eqset_imp_iff
1999-12-07 ago wenzelm tuned;
1999-12-07 ago wenzelm tuned;
1999-12-07 ago wenzelm added Isar_examples/Fibonacci.thy;
1999-12-07 ago nipkow Fixed bug in find-functions: list of parameters must be reversed before
1999-12-06 ago nipkow Renamed some vars
1999-12-02 ago nipkow cosmetic mod.
1999-12-01 ago wenzelm accommodate current version of rpm;
1999-12-01 ago nipkow Fixed a problem with returning from the last frame.
1999-12-01 ago paulson new generalized leads-to theory
1999-12-01 ago paulson fixed the discrepancy in the ordering of the constructors LESS EQUAL GREATER
1999-11-30 ago paulson deleted rogue copy of localTo_imp_o_localTo
1999-11-30 ago paulson working version with new theory ELT
1999-11-30 ago paulson new theory UNITY/ELT
1999-11-29 ago wenzelm Goal: tuned pris;
1999-11-29 ago nipkow Removed !!
1999-11-29 ago wenzelm Minimal.thy;
1999-11-29 ago wenzelm Isar_examples/Minimal.thy;
1999-11-29 ago wenzelm qed "";
1999-11-26 ago nipkow Various little changes like cmethd -> method and cfield -> field.
1999-11-25 ago nipkow del Method.ML
1999-11-25 ago nipkow Minor mods.
1999-11-24 ago wenzelm renamed comp to compile (avoids clash with Relation.comp);
1999-11-24 ago wenzelm prove_goal thy;
1999-11-24 ago nipkow Basis now Main.
1999-11-24 ago paulson tidied, choosing nicer names
1999-11-23 ago paulson distributive laws for * over -
1999-11-23 ago paulson tidied
1999-11-23 ago paulson new theorem rev_image_eqI
1999-11-22 ago nipkow Added linord_less_split
1999-11-19 ago oheimb re-shaped and re-ordered conversion relations
1999-11-18 ago nipkow Streamlined it a bit more.
1999-11-18 ago nipkow A small mod.
1999-11-17 ago wenzelm added Isar_examples/Puzzle.thy;