Marienplatz (city centre)

Englischer Garten
The English Garden

Chinesischer Turm
Chinese Tower (famous beer garden)

Computer science building
The Computer Science building of the TUM

Main hall of the computer science building
The main hall in the CS-building

The river Isar
The Isar river

The conference poster

Accepted Papers

  • Andreas Lochbihler. Formalising FinFuns - Generating Code for Functions as Data from Isabelle/HOL
  • Alwen Tiu and Jeremy E. Dawson. Formalising Observer Theory for Environment-Sensitive Bisimulation
  • Stefan Berghofer and Markus Reiter. Formalizing the Logic-Automaton Connection
  • Stefan Berghofer, Lukas Bulwahn and Florian Haftmann. Turning inductive into equational specifications
  • Chad Brown and Gert Smolka. Extended First-Order Logic
  • Magnus O. Myreen and Mike Gordon. Verified LISP implementations on ARM, x86 and PowerPC
  • Brian Huffman. A Purely Definitional Universal Domain
  • Peter Homeier. The HOL-Omega Logic
  • Simon Winwood, Gerwin Klein, Thomas Sewell, June Andronick, David Cock and Michael Norrish. Mind the Gap: A Verification Framework for Low-Level C
  • Alexander Schimpf, Stephan Merz and Jan-Georg Smaus. Construction of Büchi Automata for LTL Model Checking Verified in Isabelle/HOL
  • René Thiemann and Christian Sternagel. Certification of Termination Proofs using CeTA
  • Stephane Le Roux. Acyclic preferences and existence of sequential Nash equilibria: a formal and constructive equivalence
  • Andrea Asperti, Wilmer Ricciotti, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen and Enrico Tassi. Hints in unification
  • Javier de Dios and Ricardo Pena. Formal Certification of a Resource-Aware Language Implementation
  • Dabrowski Frédéric and David Pichardie. A Certified Data Race Analysis for a Java-like Language
  • Wouter Swierstra. Proof pearl: The Hoare State Monad
  • François Garillot, Georges Gonthier, Assia Mahboubi, Laurence Rideau. Packaging Mathematical Structures
  • Nick Benton, Andrew Kennedy and Carsten Varming. Some Domain Theory and Denotational Semantics in Coq
  • Thomas Tuerk. A Formalisation of Smallfoot in HOL
  • Rafal Kolanski and Gerwin Klein. Types, Maps and Separation Logic
  • Jesper Bengtson and Joachim Parrow. Psi-calculi in Isabelle
  • Ioana Pasca and Nicolas Julien. Formal verification of exact computations using Newton's method
  • Scott Owens, Susmit Sarkar and Peter Sewell. A better x86 memory model: x86-TSO
  • Andrew McCreight. Practical Tactics for Separation Logic
  • Osman Hasan, Sanaz Khan Afshar and Sofiene Tahar. Formal Analysis of Optical Waveguides in HOL
  • Jinshuang Wang and Xingyuan Zhang. Liveness Reasoning with Isabelle/HOL
  • Keiko Nakata and Tarmo Uustalu. Trace-based coinductive operational semantics for While: Big-step and small step, functional and relational styles

Accepted Papers in the Emerging Trends Section

  • Anduo Wang, Boon Thau Loo, Changbin Liu, Oleg Sokolsky and Prithwish Basu. A Theorem Proving Approach Towards Declarative Networking
  • Bruno Bernardo. Towards an Implicit Calculus of Inductive Constructions. Extending the Implicit Calculus of Constructions with Union and Subset Types
  • Holger Gast. Towards a Modular Extensible Isabelle Interface
  • Florian Kammüller and Henry Sudhof. A Mechanized Theory of Aspects
  • F.J. Lopez-Fraguas, Stephan Merz and Juan Rodriguez-Hortala. A Formalization of the Semantics of Functional-Logic Programming in Isabelle
  • Filip Maric and Predrag Janicic. SAT Solver Verification Project
  • Anduo Wang and Boon Thau Loo. Formalizing Metarouting in PVS
  • Richard Warburton and Sara Kalvala. Verifying Compiling Optimisations Using Isabelle/HOL

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