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+(*<*)theory WFrec = Main:(*>*)
+So far, all recursive definitions where shown to terminate via measure
+functions. Sometimes this can be quite inconvenient or even
+impossible. Fortunately, \isacommand{recdef} supports much more
+general definitions. For example, termination of Ackermann's function
+can be shown by means of the lexicographic product @{text"<*lex*>"}:
+consts ack :: "nat\<times>nat \<Rightarrow> nat";
+recdef ack "measure(\<lambda>m. m) <*lex*> measure(\<lambda>n. n)"
+  "ack(0,n)         = Suc n"
+  "ack(Suc m,0)     = ack(m, 1)"
+  "ack(Suc m,Suc n) = ack(m,ack(Suc m,n))";
+The lexicographic product decreases if either its first component
+decreases (as in the second equation and in the outer call in the
+third equation) or its first component stays the same and the second
+component decreases (as in the inner call in the third equation).
+In general, \isacommand{recdef} supports termination proofs based on
+arbitrary \emph{wellfounded relations}, i.e.\ \emph{wellfounded
+recursion|see{recursion, wellfounded}}.  A relation $<$ is
+\bfindex{wellfounded} if it has no infinite descending chain $\cdots <
+a@2 < a@1 < a@0$. Clearly, a function definition is total iff the set
+of all pairs $(r,l)$, where $l$ is the argument on the left-hand side of an equation
+and $r$ the argument of some recursive call on the corresponding
+right-hand side, induces a wellfounded relation.  For a systematic
+account of termination proofs via wellfounded relations see, for
+example, \cite{Baader-Nipkow}.
+Each \isacommand{recdef} definition should be accompanied (after the
+name of the function) by a wellfounded relation on the argument type
+of the function. For example, @{term measure} is defined by
+@{prop[display]"measure(f::'a \<Rightarrow> nat) \<equiv> {(y,x). f y < f x}"}
+and it has been proved that @{term"measure f"} is always wellfounded.
+In addition to @{term measure}, the library provides
+a number of further constructions for obtaining wellfounded relations.
+wf proof auto if stndard constructions.
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