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 *** System ***
-* Prover IDE support for the Visual Studio Code editor and language
-server protocol, via the "isabelle vscode_server" tool (see also
-src/Tools/VSCode/ The example application within the VS code
-editor is called "Isabelle" and available from its online repository
-(the "Marketplace"). It serves as example for further potential IDE
 * System option "parallel_proofs" is 1 by default (instead of more
 aggressive 2). This requires less heap space and avoids burning parallel
 CPU cycles, while full subproof parallelization is enabled for repeated
@@ -298,6 +291,10 @@ This allows systematic
 access via operations from module Sessions.Store in Isabelle/Scala.
+* Command-line tool "isabelle vscode_server" provides a Language Server
+Protocol implementation, e.g. for the Visual Studio Code editor. It
+serves as example for alternative PIDE front-ends.
 * Command-line tool "isabelle imports" helps to maintain theory imports
 wrt. session structure. Examples: