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-The logo is available for the generic Isabelle system (<a
-href="#plain">plain</a>, <a href="#transparent">transparent</a>) and
-major object logics (<a href="#ZF">ZF</a>, <a href="#HOL">HOL</a>, <a
-href="#HOLCF">HOLCF</a>).  There are also <a
+The logo is available as bitmap file for the generic Isabelle system
+(<a href="#plain">plain</a>, <a href="#transparent">transparent</a>)
+and major object logics (<a href="#ZF">ZF</a>, <a href="#HOL">HOL</a>,
+<a href="#HOLCF">HOLCF</a>).  There are also <a
 href="isabelle-small.xpm">small</a> and <a
 href="isabelle-tiny.xpm">tiny</a> Isabelle icons available.
-Furthermore, there are EPS versions of the <a
-href="isabelle.eps">plain</a> and the <a
-href="isabelle_hol.eps">HOL</a> Isabelle logo.
+Furthermore, scalable (EPS) versions of the logo may be generated for
+any logic using the <tt>isatool logo</tt> utility distributed with