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\title{Tutorial to Locales and Locale Interpretation%
\thanks{Published in L.~Lamb\'an, A.~Romero, J.~Rubio, editors, {\em Contribuciones Cient\'{\i}ficas en honor de Mirian Andr\'es.}  Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de La Rioja, Logro\~no, Spain, 2010.  Reproduced by permission.}}
\author{Clemens Ballarin}


  Locales are Isabelle's approach for dealing with parametric
  theories.  They have been designed as a module system for a
  theorem prover that can adequately represent the complex
  inter-dependencies between structures found in abstract algebra, but
  have proven fruitful also in other applications --- for example,
  software verification.

  Both design and implementation of locales have evolved considerably
  since Kamm\"uller did his initial experiments.  Today, locales
  are a simple yet powerful extension of the Isar proof language.
  The present tutorial covers all major facilities of locales.  It is
  intended for locale novices; familiarity with Isabelle and Isar is

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