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For the purposes of the license agreement in the file COPYRIGHT, a
'contributor' is anybody who is listed in this file (CONTRIBUTORS) or
who is listed as an author in one of the source files of this Isabelle

Contributions to this Isabelle version

Contributions to Isabelle2011

* January 2011: Stefan Berghofer, secunet Security Networks AG
  HOL-SPARK: an interactive prover back-end for SPARK.

* October 2010: Bogdan Grechuk, University of Edinburgh
  Extended convex analysis in Multivariate Analysis.

* October 2010: Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Coercive subtyping via subtype constraints.

* October 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Command partial_function for function definitions based on complete
  partial orders in HOL.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refined concepts for evaluation, i.e., normalization of terms using
  different techniques.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for Scala.

* August 2010: Johannes Hoelzl, Armin Heller, and Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Improved Probability theory in HOL.

* July 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking and extension of the Imperative HOL framework.

* July 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Christian Sternagel, University
    of Innsbruck
  Ad-hoc overloading. Generic do notation for monads.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-2

* 2009/2010: Stefan Berghofer, Alexander Krauss, and Andreas Schropp, TUM,
  Makarius Wenzel, TUM / LRI
  Elimination of type classes from proof terms.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reorganization of abstract algebra type classes.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for data representations involving invariants;
  various collections avaiable in theories Fset, Dlist, RBT,
  Mapping and AssocList.

* March 2010: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Efficient SHA1 library for Poly/ML.

* February 2010: Cezary Kaliszyk and Christian Urban, TUM
  Quotient type package for Isabelle/HOL.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-1

* November 2009, Brian Huffman, PSU
  New definitional domain package for HOLCF.

* November 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Derivation and Brouwer's fixpoint theorem in Multivariate Analysis.

* November 2009: Stefan Berghofer and Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  A tabled implementation of the reflexive transitive closure.

* November 2009: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  Predicate Compiler: a compiler for inductive predicates to
  equational specifications.
* November 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM and Burkhart Wolff, LRI Paris
  HOL-Boogie: an interactive prover back-end for Boogie and VCC.

* October 2009: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Nitpick: yet another counterexample generator for Isabelle/HOL.

* October 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Extension of SMT method: proof-reconstruction for the SMT solver Z3.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of parts of the HOL datatype package.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Generic term styles for term antiquotations.

* September 2009: Thomas Sewell, NICTA
  More efficient HOL/record implementation.

* September 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  SMT method using external SMT solvers.

* September 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of sets and lattices.

* July 2009: Jeremy Avigad and Amine Chaieb
  New number theory.

* July 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  HOL/Library/Sum_Of_Squares: functionality to call a remote csdp

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New quickcheck implementation using new code generator.

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Fset: an explicit type of sets; finite sets ready to use
  for code generation.

* June 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Tree: search trees implementing mappings, ready to use
  for code generation.

* March 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  Minimization tool for results from Sledgehammer.

Contributions to Isabelle2009

* March 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM and Amine Chaieb, University of
  Elementary topology in Euclidean space.

* March 2009: Johannes Hoelzl, TUM
  Method "approximation", which proves real valued inequalities by

* February 2009: Filip Maric, Univ. of Belgrade
  A Serbian theory.

* February 2009: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, TUM
  Misc cleanup of HOL/refute.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  New find_consts command.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  "solves" criterion for find_theorems and auto_solve option

* December 2008: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  New locale implementation.

* December 2008: Armin Heller, TUM and Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "sizechange" for advanced termination proofs.

* November 2008: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  Performance improvement (factor 50) for find_theorems.

* 2008: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Various extensions and restructurings in HOL, improvements
  in evaluation mechanisms, new module binding.ML for name bindings.

* October 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  ATP manager for Sledgehammer, based on ML threads instead of Posix
  processes.  Additional ATP wrappers, including remote SystemOnTPTP

* September 2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM and Marc Bezem, Univ. Bergen
  Prover for coherent logic.

* August 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  Vampire wrapper script for remote SystemOnTPTP service.

Contributions to Isabelle2008

* 2007/2008:
  Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOLCF library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL-Nominal package improvements.

* March 2008: Markus Reiter, TUM
  HOL/Library/RBT: red-black trees.

* February 2008: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and
  Lukas Bulwahn, TUM and John Matthews, Galois:
  HOL/Library/Imperative_HOL: Haskell-style imperative data structures
  for HOL.

* December 2007: Norbert Schirmer, Uni Saarbruecken
  Misc improvements of record package in HOL.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Overloading and class instantiation target.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New version of primrec package for local theories.

* December 2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "induction_scheme" in HOL.

* November 2007: Peter Lammich, Uni Muenster
  HOL-Lattice: some more lemmas.

Contributions to Isabelle2007

* October 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM / Uni Saarbruecken
  State Spaces: The Locale Way (in HOL).

* October 2007: Mark A. Hillebrand, DFKI
  Robust sub/superscripts in LaTeX document output.

* August 2007: Jeremy Dawson, NICTA and Paul Graunke, Galois and Brian
    Huffman, PSU and Gerwin Klein, NICTA and John Matthews, Galois
  HOL-Word: a library for fixed-size machine words in Isabelle.

* August 2007: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOL/Library/Boolean_Algebra and HOL/Library/Numeral_Type.

* June 2007: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Semiring normalization and Groebner Bases.
  Support for dense linear orders.

* June 2007: Joe Hurd, Oxford
  Metis theorem-prover.

* 2007: Kong W. Susanto, Cambridge
  HOL: Metis prover integration.

* 2007: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL: inductive predicates and sets.

* 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  HOL/record: misc improvements.

* 2006/2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  HOL: function package and related theories on termination.

* 2006/2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Pure: generic code generator framework.
  Pure: class package.
  HOL: theory reorganization, code generator setup.

* 2006/2007: Christian Urban, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM and
    Julien Narboux, TUM
  HOL/Nominal package and related tools.

* November 2006: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  HOL: method "lexicographic_order" for function package.

* October 2006: Stefan Hohe, TUM
  HOL-Algebra: ideals and quotients over rings.

* August 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Experimental support for generic reflection and reification in HOL.

* July 2006: Rafal Kolanski, NICTA
  Hex (0xFF) and binary (0b1011) numerals.

* May 2006: Klaus Aehlig, LMU
  Command 'normal_form': normalization by evaluation.

* May 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Ferrante and Rackoff Algorithm for linear real

* February 2006: Benjamin Porter, NICTA
  HOL and HOL-Complex: generalised mean value theorem, continuum is
  not denumerable, harmonic and arithmetic series, and denumerability
  of rationals.

* October 2005: Martin Wildmoser, TUM
  Sketch for Isar 'guess' element.

Contributions to Isabelle2005

* September 2005: Lukas Bulwahn and Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Formalization of Taylor series.

* September 2005: Stephan Merz, Alwen Tiu, QSL Loria
  Components for SAT solver method using zChaff.

* September 2005: Ning Zhang and Christian Urban, LMU Munich
  A Chinese theory.

* September 2005: Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  Method comm_ring for proving equalities in commutative rings.

* July/August 2005: Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon University
  Various improvements of the HOL and HOL-Complex library.

* July 2005: Florian Zuleger, Johannes Hoelzl, and Simon Funke, TUM
  Some structured proofs about completeness of real numbers.

* May 2005: Rafal Kolanski and Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Improved retrieval of facts from theory/proof context.

* February 2005: Lucas Dixon, University of Edinburgh
  Improved subst method.

* 2005: Brian Huffman, OGI
  Various improvements of HOLCF.
  Some improvements of the HOL-Complex library.

* 2005: Claire Quigley and Jia Meng, University of Cambridge
  Some support for asynchronous communication with external provers

* 2005: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Various ML combinators, notably linear functional transformations.
  Some cleanup of ML legacy.
  Additional antiquotations.
  Improved Isabelle web site.

* 2004/2005: David Aspinall, University of Edinburgh
  Various elements of XML and PGIP based communication with user
  interfaces (experimental).

* 2004/2005: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved Isabelle web site.
  Improved HTML presentation of theories.

* 2004/2005: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  Provers: tools for transitive relations and quasi orders.
  Improved version of locales, notably interpretation of locales.
  Improved version of HOL-Algebra.

* 2004/2005: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Improved version of HOL presburger method.

* 2004/2005: Steven Obua, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import, support for HOL-Light.
  Improved version of HOL-Complex-Matrix.
  Pure/defs: more sophisticated checks on well-formedness of overloading.
  Pure/Tools: an experimental evaluator for lambda terms.

* 2004/2005: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved version of HOL/record.

* 2004/2005: Sebastian Skalberg, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import.
  Some internal ML reorganizations.

* 2004/2005: Tjark Weber, TUM
  SAT solver method using zChaff.
  Improved version of HOL/refute.