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Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:39:03 +0100
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Better equality handling in Blast_tac, usingd a new variant of hyp_subst_tac

(*  Title:      FOL/ROOT
    ID:         $Id$
    Author:     Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
    Copyright   1993  University of Cambridge

Adds First-Order Logic to a database containing pure Isabelle. 
Should be executed in the subdirectory FOL.

val banner = "First-Order Logic with Natural Deduction";

writeln banner;

print_depth 1;  

use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/simplifier.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/splitter.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/ind.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/hypsubst.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/classical.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/blast.ML";
use "$ISABELLE_HOME/src/Provers/quantifier1.ML";

use_thy "IFOL";
use "fologic.ML";

(** Applying HypsubstFun to generate hyp_subst_tac **)
structure Hypsubst_Data =
  structure Simplifier = Simplifier
    (*These destructors  Match!*)
  fun dest_eq (Const("op =",T)  $ t $ u) = (t, u, domain_type T)
  val dest_Trueprop = FOLogic.dest_Trueprop
  val dest_imp = FOLogic.dest_imp
  val eq_reflection = eq_reflection
  val imp_intr = impI
  val rev_mp = rev_mp
  val subst = subst
  val sym = sym
  val thin_refl = prove_goal IFOL.thy 
		  "!!X. [|x=x; PROP W|] ==> PROP W" (K [atac 1]);

structure Hypsubst = HypsubstFun(Hypsubst_Data);
open Hypsubst;

use "intprover.ML";

use_thy "FOL";

use "cladata.ML";
use "simpdata.ML";

qed_goal "ex1_functional" FOL.thy
    "!!a b c. [| EX! z. P(a,z);  P(a,b);  P(a,c) |] ==> b = c"
 (fn _ => [ (deepen_tac FOL_cs 0 1) ]);

print_depth 8;

val FOL_build_completed = ();   (*indicate successful build*)