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A bunch of suggestions from Pedro Sánchez Terraf

The Isabelle System Distribution

Version information

This is some repository version of Isabelle.

See the NEWS file in the distribution for details on user-relevant


Isabelle works on the three main platform families: Linux, Windows,
and macOS.  The application bundles from the Isabelle web page
include sources, documentation, and add-on tools for all supported

Some technical background information may be found in the Isabelle
System Manual (directory doc).

User interface

Isabelle/jEdit is an advanced Prover IDE based on jEdit and
Isabelle/Scala.  It is the main example application of the
Isabelle/PIDE framework, and the default user interface of
Isabelle.  It provides a metaphor of continuous proof checking of a
versioned collection of theory sources, with instantaneous feedback
in real-time and rich semantic markup associated with the formal

Other sources of information

  * The Isabelle Page

    The Isabelle home page may be accessed from the following mirror


  * Mailing list

    The electronic mailing list provides a
    forum for Isabelle users to discuss problems and exchange
    information.  To join, send a message to

  * Personal mail

    Lawrence C Paulson
    Computer Laboratory
    University of Cambridge
    JJ Thomson Avenue
    Cambridge CB3 0FD
    Phone: +44-223-763500
    Fax: +44-223-334748


    Tobias Nipkow
    Institut für Informatik
    Technische Universität München
    Boltzmannstr. 3
    D-85748 Garching
    Phone: +49-89-289-17302
    Fax: +49-89-289-17307

    Please report any problems you encounter. While we shall try to be
    helpful, we can accept no responsibility for the deficiencies of
    Isabelle and their consequences.