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\chapter{Miscellaneous tools}

\section{Inspecting the settings environment -- \texttt{isatool getenv}}

The Isabelle settings environment --- as provided by the site-default
and user-specific settings files --- can be inspected with the
\tooldx{getenv} utility:
Usage: isatool getenv [OPTIONS] [VARNAMES ...]

  Options are:
    -a           display complete environment
    -b           print values only (doesn't work for -a)

  Get value of VARNAMES from the Isabelle settings.

With the \texttt{-a} option, one may inspect the full process
environment that Isabelle related programs are run in. This usually
contains much more variables than are actually Isabelle settings.

Unless the \texttt{-b} option is given, the output is a list of lines
of the form $varname\mathtt{=}value$.


Get the {\ML} system identifier and the location where the compiler
binaries are supposed to be installed as follows:
isatool getenv ML_SYSTEM ML_HOME
{\out ML_HOME=/usr/local/sml109.27/bin}
{\out ML_SYSTEM=smlnj-1.09}

This one peeks at the search path that \texttt{isabelle} uses to
locate logic images:
isatool getenv -b ISABELLE_PATH
{\out /home/mmw/isabelle/heaps/smlnj-1.09:/proj/isabelle/heaps/smlnj-1.09}
We used the \texttt{-b} option to suppress the \texttt{ISABELLE_PATH=}
prefix.  The value above is what became of the following assignment in
the default settings file:
Note how \texttt{\$ML_SYSTEM} got appended automatically to each path
component. This is a special feature of \texttt{ISABELLE_PATH} (and
also of \texttt{ISABELLE_OUTPUT}).

\section{Get logic images --- \texttt{isatool findlogics}}

Usage: isatool findlogics

  Collect heap file names from ISABELLE_PATH.

\section{Isabelle's version of make --- \texttt{isatool make}}

Usage: isatool make [ARGS ...]

  Compiles logic in current directory using IsaMakefile.
  ARGS are directly passed to the system make program.

\section{ --- \texttt{isatool usedir}}

Usage: isatool usedir LOGIC NAME

  Options are:
    -b           build mode (output heap image, use dir ".")
    -g BOOL      generate theory graph data (default false)
    -h BOOL      generate theory HTML data (default false)
    -s NAME      override session NAME

  Build object-logic or run examples. Also creates browsing
  information (HTML etc.) according to settings.

\section{ --- \texttt{isatool doc}}

Usage: isatool doc [DOC]

  View Isabelle documentation DOC, or show list of available documents.

\section{ --- \texttt{isatool expandshort}}

Usage: expandshort [FILES ...]

  Expand shorthand goal commands in FILES.  Also contracts uses of
  resolve_tac, dresolve_tac, eresolve_tac, rewrite_goals_tac on
  1-element lists; furthermore expands tabs, since they are now
  forbidden in ML string constants.

  Renames old versions of FILES by appending "~~".